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SAS® Security Model Design Golden Rules, Validation, and Monitoring with Metacoda

Have you heard of the SAS® Security Model Design Eight Golden Rules? If not, we first recommend reading the SAS Global Enablement and Learning (GEL) Five papers on Recommended SAS 9.4 Security Model Design (part 1 & part 2) These papers, provided by David Stern, are an excellent resource for SAS customers and partners to use when designing security for their SAS platform implementations.

Summary of SAS Global Enablement and Learning 8 Golden Rules
Summary of SAS Global Enablement and Learning 8 Golden Rules
SAS UK Metacoda Webinar Presenters

On Monday 9th October, David Stern from the SAS GEL team presented with Paul Homes from Metacoda at a SAS UK Customer Loyalty webinar on SAS® Security Model Design Golden Rules, Validation, and Monitoring with Metacoda. The webinar recording is well worth watching to get an understanding of SAS security best practices and how Metacoda helps to ensure your SAS platform remains secure! The webinar recording, Q&A and slides are available at

5258 We’d like to encourage you to consider using a third party tool to help you analyze, inspect and test the structure of the security model design in your SAS 9 deployment. The best known of these is the set of security plug-ins from Metacoda. David Stern, SAS Global Enablement and Learning team

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SAS security best practices and secure the koalas’ future – Save The Koala Month!

Metacoda #STKM 2017

Metacoda celebrated its 10th birthday this month! It’s an exciting milestone and we’d like to extend a great big thanks to you for being part of our Metacoda community along the way.

We started off the year talking about journeys and, in particular, how we can help with your SAS security journey. We were wondering how it’s going?

In a recent blog post we highlighted how SAS Communities are aWEsome. We’d love to hear your experiences – please post a comment in the blog or chat to us in person at an upcoming SAS event.

Hope to see you in person or online soon!

SUGA - SAS User Group for Administrators

Webinar: SAS® Security Design and Best Practices

Did you catch the SUGA: SAS security design and best practices webinar on Tuesday 12th September?
If not, you can go to SUGA to get the webinar recording, Q&A and slides. Angie Hedberg (SAS Technical Consulting Manager) and Michelle Homes (Metacoda) covered key design best practices for securing SAS 9.4 metadata and the file system, and how Metacoda can help to secure your SAS environment.

Love is in the air - #STKM

Save The Koala Month

It’s Save the Koala Month (#STKM) and the theme is “Love is in the Air”. So as supporters of the Australian Koala Foundation, we want to do our bit to spread the Koala love far and wide! Join in the #STKM2017 celebration and find out how you can help save the koala.
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GDPR Privacy/Security by design and default – Metacoda can help!

Manoj Patel’s GDPR word image
Manoj Patel’s GDPR word image
Those of you who work with the personal data of European citizens will be familiar with about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).
If not, take a look at Manoj Patel’s word image and GDPR quick fact posts for an overview.

If your organization has links to Europe, while there are some exemptions, you have until the date of enforcement – 25th May 2018 – to investigate your compliance. See ZDNet’s article, “How Europe’s GDPR will affect Australian organisations” for more information about how it might affect your business.

Key requirements include security measures; in short, data needs to be secured with the GDPR privacy/security by design and default obligation. Other requirements revolve around how you protect personal data through prevention, assessment, and monitoring.

So, how DO you ensure data flows securely through your SAS platform?

Data Security Governance

The data security section of the GDPR requires privacy/security by design and by default, to ensure data is secured from the inception of the application or system. Security and privacy need to be considered during the planning phases, as opposed to during development (or even later). Usually within a SAS 9 implementation, a security plan and model is designed following installation.

In light of GDPR we need to be asking ourselves: Read more

Knowledge Sharing with Amadeus

Metacoda knowledge sharing with Amadeus
Paul Homes from Metacoda presents to Amadeus
One of the ways we support our Metacoda partners is with face-to-face knowledge transfer sessions, where we provide comprehensive updates about our products.

While in the UK in June, we were fortunate to be able to schedule one of these sessions with Amadeus Software. As a Metacoda partner since 2011, Amadeus recommends our products whenever a customer can benefit from automated security integration and auditability. Amadeus say their customers are most often introduced to Metacoda as part of their SAS platform delivery service. Amadeus delivers SAS security with auditable access to data and SAS functionality, and integrated user and group security with Active Directory or LDAP.

Through our partnership we’ve been able to help customers with a range of complex environments – including a hybrid of three Active Directory domains – and have enhanced Metacoda software to benefit other customers in addressing these real-world challenges.

Highlights from our knowledge sharing session…

Our presentation to Amadeus covered Metacoda Security Plug-ins, including our latest, the Permissions Tracer Plug-in. Time-poor SAS administrators love the Permissions Tracer because it means Read more

Are you inspired to experience your new possible?

For the past few years SAS Forum Nederland has been held in Nieuwegein, a town not far from Utrecht. In Utrecht there is a museum, Museum Speelklok that I’ve been longing to visit and with a free Saturday afternoon following SAS Forum Nederland, I gleefully did.

The Museum Speelklok website states “Museum Speelklok will take you through the wonderful world of self-playing musical instruments, surprising its visitors every day with the cheerful tunes sounding from all corners of the museum.” And it sure was wonderful. I was mesmerised by the musical tones and in awe of the history and amazing engineering these 16th century instruments possessed. From musical clocks, musical boxes, orchestrions and traditional Dutch organs it was a delight. The enchanting experience not only was a musical fulfilment, it was engineering adventure as I watched the pins, pulleys and drums move in perfect harmony.

Being inspired

I was spellbound with one instrument on display, A Magical Marble Machine. This instrument was created and donated to the museum after the creator, Martin Molin, member of the Swedish musicband Wintergatan become inspired while visiting the Museum Speelklok in 2014. After 14 months he created a magical music machine of packs of plywood, 3000 screws and no less than 2000 marbles. I urge you to watch the viral (almost 50 million views) YouTube video below of his creation that includes a virbraphone, kickdrum, snare-drum, cymbals and an electric bass. Read more

Experience Your New Possible – What’s Your Journey?

We’ve recently returned from the beautiful cities of Nieuwegein, Brussels, Paris and Copenhagen where we were sponsors at four European SAS Forums.

As always we had a fantastic time being part of the SAS community, and we definitely embraced the theme “Experience Your New Possible”!

As with SAS Global Forum 2017, the events boasted thousands of attendees, analytics storytelling, data visualization, data management, technology, leadership and socialness.

Many thanks to SAS forum organisers for the sponsorship opportunities, and to our customers, partners and community for your support and friendship.

Helping to keep your SAS platform secure

Amidst the many Tweets and selfies, the events were full of great opportunities to talk to SAS customers about platform security. In particular, at SAS Forum France, Michelle Homes (Metacoda) and Gregory Becquembois (Decision Network) were excited to be interviewed by Elisabeth Ziegler on our partnership and how Metacoda products can help to keep SAS platforms secure. You can see the recording on YouTube.

Four events in seven days!

With four jam-packed SAS Forums, it sure was a busy and rewarding week! Use the table below to take your own quick journey via Tweets, videos and presentations/summaries.

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SAS security journey continues with more SAS forum adventures!

Thanks for being part of our Metacoda community. We hope your professional and personal 2017 journeys have been going well. We’d like to give you a quick update on ours and how we can help with your SAS® security journey.

Please feel free to reach out to say g’day, share your Metacoda koala antics, ask questions, provide feedback on our software, or simply keep us updated with your SAS security journey.

Hope to see you in person or online soon!

Metacoda: a SAS Global Forum 2017 sponsor

We enjoyed being a sponsor at SAS Global Forum (SASGF) last month and meeting so many SAS customers at the Metacoda stand. Please read our SASGF blog post about our conference experience (including the Metacoda koalas). If we missed seeing you and you’d like to have a web demonstration on keeping your SAS platform secure, please contact us – we’d love to hear from you!

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SASGF – A Security Journey and being a LifeLearner…

…of Storytelling, Dataviz, Technology, Leadership, Data for Good and Social

SAS Global Forum (SASGF) was a blast!
(And we have 600+ photos and plenty of tweets to show for it!)
In fact, with the following features, how could it have been anything but mind-blowing?

  • 5,400+ attendees
  • 700+ presentations/posters/demos
  • TED Talk-style keynote presentations
  • perfect warm Spring weather
  • the magical venue of Florida’s Walt Disney Swan and Dolphin Resort
  • amazing social events including the Kick Back Party at Hollywood Studios!

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SAS Global Forum Metacoda Memories and Magic

As the clock ticks and the calendar flicks, SAS Global Forum 2017 gets closer and closer…

You know that ticking sound. Maybe it’s like the one in Peter Pan where Captain Hook is haunted by Tick-Tock, the crocodile. Or perhaps it’s more like the sound of a clock striking the hour, as in Cinderella, with her countdown to midnight (or as I prefer to call it “pumpkin time”). Whatever form it takes, those clock sounds can often inhabit our subconscious as deadlines and elation approach. No doubt at least some of our SAS Global Forum 2017 organizers, presenters, attendees and sponsors – like Metacoda – are hearing some tick, tick, ticking, and feeling the excitement as April approaches.

So why the Disney-themed introduction, you wonder? Well, SAS Global Forum (SASGF) 2017 is being held at Orlando, Florida at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort; the same place it was held 5 years ago.

In fact, speaking of Disney, let’s sprinkle a pinch of fairy dust and journey back to a few of our favourite SASGF 2012 Metacoda memories…

SASGF 2012… We were just finalising our new Metacoda Identity and Object Permissions Explorers ready for imminent release, and were Read more