About Us

SAS users and organizations around the world use Metacoda Plug-ins to maintain a secure SAS platform through efficient and productive metadata management.

Our software helps SAS platform administrators to regularly manage, review, troubleshoot, document, test and audit their SAS platform installation with confidence.

Based in Brisbane, Australia, we’re all about helping organizations all around the world to easily understand, explore and report on their SAS metadata. Metacoda’s aim is to help you maintain a secure SAS platform through effective metadata administration.


    It’s often said that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ and in the case of Metacoda, this is certainly true.

    Keen coders and enthusiastic users of SAS software since the late 1980s, it’s no surprise that Metacoda’s founders are where they are today.

    In the early 2000’s they found themselves performing repetitive manual tasks to find metadata in support of their roles as SAS users and administrators.

    Possessing an entrepreneurial streak, they quickly realised that there was a broad demand amongst other SAS platform administrators for improved access to metadata and that working with SAS Institute to become a SAS partner would be mutually beneficial for all parties.

    So in 2007 Metacoda was established as a SAS partner, started work on developing Metacoda Plug-ins, and released the first version shortly thereafter.

    From then on Metacoda has expanded around the world and continued to develop new software to meet the needs of SAS platform administrators and users.

    The rest, as they say, is history.


    • Metacoda Security Plug-ins – manage, review, audit, troubleshoot and document metadata security for your SAS platform installation.
    • Metacoda Testing Framework – test your SAS metadata security implementation by comparing your current set-up against a baseline set of metadata definitions.
    • Metacoda Identity Sync Plug-in – import, check and synchronize identity-related SAS metadata with enterprise directories without the need to edit SAS code.
    • Metacoda Utility Plug-ins – explore metadata or access features of a SAS coding interface while working in the SAS Management Console.
    • Metacoda Custom Tasks – rapidly search for tables and columns registered in metadata.

    We’re enthusiastic participants in the global SAS community and enjoy sharing our experience with other SAS platform administrators though Paul’s Platform Admin blog. You’ll also often see us at SAS Global Forum and regional events throughout the world.

    Based in Australia, we make up the distance by actively participating in social media; you’ll find us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or our blog. You can also contact us at any time.

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    If you know us, you’ll know we love koalas. Our Metacoda koalas (our little clip-on mascots) travel the world with us and you can follow their adventures on their very own YouTube playlist and the Metacoda Koala Facebook album. We’re also proud supporters of the Australian Koala Foundation, a charitable organisation dedicated to protecting the koala and its natural habitat.

    Take a look at the Metacoda koala adventures 2016-2018.