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SAS Admin Community and Metacoda KoalasMetacoda has been meeting the needs of SAS platform administrators and users with our customer-driven productivity tools, since 2007. It’s been an enjoyable 11 years supporting the SAS community by:

  • sponsoring SAS events around the world
  • helping out in the SAS Users Group for Adminstrators (SUGA) community
  • assisting members in
  • sharing knowledge and thought leadership through conference presentations, blog posts and webinars
  • connecting and making friends on social, and in person.

Take a look at our recent blog post “SAS Admin Community: Have you joined your tribe?”, and let us know your thoughts. What do you like about the SAS community and how do you connect with it?

Independent Testing and Monitoring Tool

Jake QuoteData security governance is an increasing priority due to regulation, internal and external auditing, and customer confidence. This means it’s more important than ever for SAS customers to obtain independent security testing.

Traditionally, the same people have planned, built and tested security settings. However, today’s requirements demand greater transparency.

Metacoda software can help SAS customers to easily monitor, check and improve SAS security settings in a SAS 9 platform. The Metacoda Testing Framework supports independent testing which means increased transparency and confidence in your SAS Platform Security planning, implementation and maintenance cycle.

Want to find out more? Please contact us if you’d like further information.

Metacoda Plug-in 6.1 BETA

orange lockWhen a customer suggests a new feature or enhancement, we do our best to make it happen.

For example we’ve recently released Metacoda Plug-ins 6.1 BETA with the following 2 new plug-ins:

  • Auth Domain Reviewer – for investigating, documenting and testing metadata relating to authentication domains
  • External Identity Manager – to help efficiently manage/manipulate external identity metadata for identities synchronized with Active Directory / LDAP
  • Read Paul’s latest blog for more information.

    If you’d like to be a 6.1 BETA tester, please register and include a note that you’d like to try the 6.1 BETA version.

    Metacoda Partner

    Metacoda PartnerWelcome to Maestro Consulting who have recently joined the Metacoda global partner team.

    We are extremely grateful to our partners and supporters around the word. Please see our Metacoda Partner page to see who you can turn to for local assistance. Alternatively, if you’re interested in partnering with us, please let us know.

    SUGA Events

    SUGA - SAS User Group for AdministratorsAs highlighted in Michelle’s blog post mentioned above, SUGA – SAS Users Group for Administrators is a great way to share and connect. Here are a couple of #SASadmin news highlights:

    Our European Analytics Intelligence Adventure

    Michelle and Paul lanyards at the SAS eventsIn May and June this year, Michelle and Paul travelled to seven countries, where Metacoda sponsored six SAS Forums and user conferences, attended a SAS Business Forum, visited the SAS office in Dublin and had meetings with customers and partners in between.

    We enjoyed every minute of it, especially catching up with our sassy friends.

    See our blog post to read about:

    • the inspiring events
    • Paul’s presentation “How do you know it’s secure if you don’t test it?
    • Michelle’s #SASForumUK SAS 2018 social award
    • and more..

      Let’s continue the adventure by keeping in touch via your favourite channel.

      USA SAS user group conferences

      We’re excited to be sponsoring the US regional SAS user group conferences currently underway and to see the joy the Metacoda koalas bring to such events. Thank you koala keepers!!! We’ve collated some of the posts we’ve seen in social on our #WUSS2018, #MWSUG2018, #SESUG2018, #SCSUG2018 Facebook album. Please add your photos and tag yourself!
      SAS US Regional User Conferences logos


      #MetacodaTip social - koala at deskTo help SAS platform administrators with their tasks, Paul has written a handy series of #MetacodaTip blog posts. The posts are based on real questions we’ve received from SAS administrators. If you have a metadata related question, please let us know. Or to trial our Metacoda software, please register for a 30-day free Metacoda Security Plug-ins evaluation.

      We look forward to seeing or hearing from you soon!

      REGISTER NOW ...

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