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#SASForumUK metacoda booth - paul demonstrating

Imagine saving a few hours a day in your SAS admin work!

“How much time does Metacoda save you per week?”

#SASForumUK Iain Adamson presentation tweet

This question was asked of Iain Adamson from ScottishPower following his presentation, “From cottage industry to critical system! How Metacoda software enables productivity as your SAS platform becomes business critical”, which he presented with Michelle Homes from Metacoda at SAS Forum UK on 25th June.

Iain’s response – “while the time varies, it can be a few hours a day” – certainly seemed to impress the audience. (Not such a surprise for us though, given that we’ve been helping SAS administrators to be more productive since 2007 🙂)

Many thanks to Iain and his manager, Duncan Bain, for enthusiastically sharing their Metacoda software journey, and highlighting a few of their favourite tools:

  • Metacoda Password Encoder – Easily creates encoded/encrypted passwords without requiring access to a SAS coding interface. This helps to ensure there are no plain text passwords in the production environment.
  • Metacoda ACT Reviewer – Allows admins to quickly see the Access Control Templates, how they’ve been defined, where they have been applied, and how they may have been protected. Warning indicators identify potential issues where deviations from recommended practices have occurred.
  • Metacoda Identity Sync – ScottishPower believe the Metacoda Identity Sync Plug-in was the only practical way for them to on-board their users to the SAS platform with their Active Directory profiles.
  • Metacoda User Reviewer – Provides a comprehensive, whole-of-server view of a selected user. Being able to see the identity hierarchy in a tree view is very helpful and saves time.
  • Metacoda Identity Permissions Explorer – With just a few clicks, generate a report of what a user has access to. ScottishPower was able to review its effective permissions across multiple objects (folders, libraries, stored processes, reports etc), and be confident that their SAS metadata security model was as expected.

To find out more about how Metacoda can help a growing business, you can see the full presentation here.

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Metacoda | Security is a Journey

Who has access to what?

Metacoda has the answers…

Over the last few months we’ve noticed an increase in questions in the SAS community that can be easily answered by Metacoda software. Questions such as…

  • who has access to a SAS metadata object/server/folder etc?
  • how do I create SAS metadata reports showing access, role and capability, logins?
  • can I compare differences between SAS environments/versions or platforms (and prevent a restore from backup with potential loss of data assets)?
  • is there a no-code solution to sync AD identities into SAS 9 platform?
  • what’s the easiest way to query SAS metadata?

Sound familiar?

Here are some examples of specific SAS User Group for Administrators (SUGA) questions: Read more

Metacoda Koalas celebrate the new year

Metacoda koala magical moments from 2017

Metacoda Koalas celebrate the new year, 2018

Happy New Year!

It’s us – the Metacoda koalas back again full of effervescence, enthusiasm, and excitement for the year ahead – 2018!

We hope your festive season was as relaxing and fun as ours. For us, it was the perfect opportunity to catch up on sleep (we koalas need 20 hours sleep per day, you know?!) and to reflect on the amazing year just past.

2017 was definitely overflowing with magical moments, and we have managed to narrow it down to a short list of highlights to share with you below.

Of course, the next step is to create even more marvellous Metacoda koala memories with you in the year ahead… Read more

SAS® Administrator Survey on Metadata Security

One of the secrets to enhancing products is knowing what our user community want. It’d be great if you could spare a few minutes to answer some questions. This will help us get some more insights into how SAS administrators work that we can also use with our product planning.

We will publish the anonymous results on the Metacoda blog when the survey is finished.

Take the brief SAS Administrator Survey on Metadata Security

Many thanks in advance!

Metacoda Koala Thanks!

Knowledge Sharing with Amadeus

Metacoda knowledge sharing with Amadeus
Paul Homes from Metacoda presents to Amadeus
One of the ways we support our Metacoda partners is with face-to-face knowledge transfer sessions, where we provide comprehensive updates about our products.

While in the UK in June, we were fortunate to be able to schedule one of these sessions with Amadeus Software. As a Metacoda partner since 2011, Amadeus recommends our products whenever a customer can benefit from automated security integration and auditability. Amadeus say their customers are most often introduced to Metacoda as part of their SAS platform delivery service. Amadeus delivers SAS security with auditable access to data and SAS functionality, and integrated user and group security with Active Directory or LDAP.

Through our partnership we’ve been able to help customers with a range of complex environments – including a hybrid of three Active Directory domains – and have enhanced Metacoda software to benefit other customers in addressing these real-world challenges.

Highlights from our knowledge sharing session…

Our presentation to Amadeus covered Metacoda Security Plug-ins, including our latest, the Permissions Tracer Plug-in. Time-poor SAS administrators love the Permissions Tracer because it means Read more

Sharing Innovation in Northern Europe

Earlier this month, we set off to the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway on the promise of SAS innovation, and we certainly weren’t disappointed!

We met so many wonderful customers and SAS users, we talked to partners and the community, and we learned about the latest developments from experts in the field. We were excited to see first-hand how Metacoda is helping our global customers to manage, review, troubleshoot, document, audit and test their SAS platform installations.

It certainly makes all the hard work worthwhile when you’re on the other side of the world and SAS Administrators tell you Read more

Taking Metacoda Innovation to Europe!

Metacoda Environment

What a global year we’re having at Metacoda!

Having already been part of SAS Global Forum in Dallas, SAS Forum Deutschland, SAS Forum UK and SAS Users of New Zealand, we’re heading back to Europe in October.

As Australians, we’re pleased to be making the most of our long journey by visiting three different SAS events in three beautiful countries:

  • Netherlands for the SAS Forum (as sponsor)
  • Denmark for the SAS Forum (as sponsor and presenter)
  • Norway to visit their user group, Foreningen av Norske SAS-brukere (FANS) (as presenter).

The aim of our trip is to meet SAS customers, to learn how the communities use SAS software, and to share our innovative latest version, Metacoda Plug-ins 5.0. The new version includes powerful new features and additional functionality, including the Metacoda Identity Sync Plug-in, and enhancements to our Metacoda Testing Framework, Metacoda Security Plug-ins and free Metacoda Utilities.

We’ve had some great feedback so far and look forward to talking in person with some of our northern European customers in October.

Read on to see where we’ll be and what we’ll be doing (and don’t forget Read more

Metacoda Plug-ins 5.0 Now Available!


After a successful beta testing phase, we’re pleased to announce the availability of Metacoda Plug-ins 5.0 for use with SAS® Software versions 9.4, 9.3 and 9.2. Our beta testers provided some great feedback, including several examples of how it has improved their productivity. In one instance we were told that the new Metacoda Identity Sync Plug-in enabled Active Directory synchronization to be set up in less than an hour after having previously spent 3 days of coding and troubleshooting (with still more coding to do). Furthermore, the plug-in provided value-added features, beyond the code, such as a visual preview of the changes, support for large and heavily nested groups, tag-deletion, and an audit report of the changes made. At Metacoda we love to code, but we know that many busy SAS administrators don’t have time for it. This was one of the primary reasons we built this plug-in, so it’s great to hear how much coding time it has been saving already.

Other feedback we’ve received included Leslie, who said on he was “WOW”ed on LinkedIn, and Quentin who found the Metacoda Identity Sync Plug-in “worked like a charm”. Thanks to both Leslie and Quentin for publicly sharing their experiences on social media, and a big thank you to all our customers and beta testers in the lead up to our V5 release! We very much appreciate the time and feedback you provided.

Metacoda Plug-ins 5.0 includes some powerful new features and Read more

Metacoda Plug-ins 5.0 BETA: Q&A

We’re delighted to announce the BETA version of Metacoda Plug-ins 5.0 is now available for those who are interested in testing it out and getting an early look; it includes our much anticipated Metacoda Identity Sync Plug-in. We demonstrated this new plug-in at SAS® Global Forum 2015 in April; and have incorporated much of the great feedback we received.

We’ve also had some questions from SAS customers, asking about V5, particularly how they can benefit from using the Metacoda Identity Sync Plug-in. Here are the answers to your most popular questions.

How can the Metacoda Identity Sync Plug-in help me with identity synchronization?

The Metacoda Identity Sync Plug-in provides an easy way for SAS platform administrators to keep a targeted subset of identities (users, groups and roles) for their SAS environment in-sync with enterprise directories such as Microsoft’s Active Directory (AD). The friendly, Read more