Simplify your security management. Save time on complex tasks. Easily document, test and audit. Get notified of non-compliant changes.


    Metacoda products are plug-ins and tools that are easily installed into the SAS® Management Console and connect to a SAS metadata environment running on any supported operating system.

    Our products provide additional functionality to SAS platform administrators and developers to help you manage, review, troubleshoot, document, test and audit your SAS platform installation with confidence.


    Managing metadata security in SAS software platforms is an important responsibility. This is where we can help. Our products allow SAS platform administrators to access metadata information quickly and easily. Via a helpful point-and-click interface, you can:

    • Simplify SAS metadata security management
    • Quickly identify and resolve SAS metadata issues
    • Document, test and audit with ease
    • Synchronize SAS Identities

    Metacoda is an Australian software company based in Brisbane, Australia.

    Our niche offerings complement and extend the existing SAS tools to increase efficiency and enhance security for organizations around the world.

    Our company, a SAS Silver Partner, specializes in the design of products that help organizations to easily understand, explore and report upon their SAS metadata.


    Did you know that Metacoda is one of the 20 most promising SAS solution providers for 2016?


  • 5258 SAS Admins – If you have not looked at Metacoda before, I highly recommend it. It has saved me immeasurable hours of work when preparing for audits, or planning to make changes to my security program! Charyn Faenza, Vice President and Manager, Corporate Business Intelligence Systems at F.N.B. Corporation

    5258 Using Metacoda Security Plug-ins gives us confidence that the enterprise data warehouse is secured to the standards set and expected, and enables us to quickly and easily audit our security at any time. Once you’ve used Metacoda Plug-ins you will never go back; it’s a must – have for every SAS administrator! Tammy de Zilva, Enterprise Data Warehouse Technical Lead and SAS administrator, Auto and General Insurance
  • 5258 Don’t you just love finding that special tool that makes your life easier? … good stuff is good stuff Mark Jordan, Technical Training Specialist, SAS Institute Inc

    5258 We have been using Metacoda for several years at client sites and can testify that it is a great investment! It enables clients to implement good practices, to identify problems in minutes rather than hours/days, and to build a more “clean” metadata security model. Key features for us include being able to automatically generate documentation and having a metadata security testing framework that instantly identifies changes in the SAS metadata security model. Gregory Becquembois, SAS Expert, Decision Network

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