Embracing the Analytics Economy in Europe

“Data is the fuel, and analytics is the engine of new economy.”

SAS Global Forum ANALYTICSThese are the words of Oliver Schabenberger (SAS® CTO & COO), who at SAS Global Forum 2018 discussed with Dr Jim Goodnight (SAS CEO & President) about the evolution of analytics and its exciting future.

In an interview with Karin Reed, Dr Goodnight highlighted that the power of machines has drastically evolved; from punch card data entry, to the millions of sensors on the network for monitoring and analysis.

As fast as machines are, we keep coming up with algorithms that need more. Analytics keeps pushing technology, including automation, connectivity, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, which are all part of the SAS portfolio with the SAS Viya and SAS 9 platform.

Modern forms of AI are built on advanced analytics technologies, with SAS software playing an important role in:

  • helping customers to embed AI, machine learning and advanced analytics into their work
  • making data preparation more enjoyable, repeatable, and efficient
  • and, allowing customers to spend more time on the high-value component of their jobs.

Analytics: a transformative technology

‘It’s Time to Get In The Know’ is the theme of the upcoming SAS Forum UK, and is reflected in similar themes at other SAS forums in May and June.

The theme is certainly true when it comes to embracing analytics and the intelligence it brings; it’s time to make this transformative technology a reality!

As a SAS technology partner, we’re excited to be able to help you embrace analytics. With Metacoda software, we can help you keep your platforms secure. You’ll be able to easily answer the question ‘Who has access and how?’ and ensure the implemented security design remains secure and compliant.

With General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) just around the corner, where are you up to with your privacy by design/security by design initiatives? Metacoda is a sponsor of the following European and UK forums and we’d love to discuss your SAS platform security journey and how we can help. Please visit our stand and connect with us in social media; and if you haven’t yet registered for your nearby event, be sure to do so soon!

Metacoda Europe Social Tiles

While in the UK on 12th June we will be conducting a workshop and meeting customers with our local UK partner, Amadeus Software. If you’d like to join in and meet Amadeus and/or Metacoda to discuss your requirements, please contact us.

Metacoda introduction webinar

SAS Nordic webinarMetacoda was invited by the SAS FANS team to present at a SAS Nordic FANS webinar on 9th May 11am CET (7pm AEST, 5am ET) on how we can keep your SAS 9 platform secure. Find out how we can help you to manage, review, troubleshoot, document, test and audit your SAS platform installation with confidence. If you need to meet business or regulatory security compliance with your SAS platform, please register to watch the recording…

Mehr Wissen

‘Mehr Wissen’ means ‘Learn More’ in German, and in the lead up to SAS Forum Deutschland and SAS Forum Switzerland, SAS DACH are translating and publishing some blog posts about Metacoda on the SAS Mehr Wissen blog:

If you’d like to ‘Mehr Wissen’, see us at the events and/or contact us to download, and install the free tools.

‘How do you know it’s secure if you don’t test it?’

On June 5th, 6th & 7th Paul Homes from Metacoda will be giving a 50-minute presentation at the Oslo, Copenhagen and Espoo SAS FANS user conferences on ‘Testing SAS 9 Metadata Security’. In this presentation Paul will discuss and demonstrate methods for testing SAS metadata security, including:

  • Implementation testing – how has it been secured?
  • Outcome testing – what is the effective result of the implementation?
  • Best practice testing – how well does the implementation align with best practices such as the Golden Rules?

If you’re a SAS administrator, be sure to attend the presentation (we’ll also share the presentation when the conference papers are published). You can also learn more about the SAS FANS user conferences in the Nordic SAS Users April newsletter.

Metacoda Test Runner

We’re looking forward to seeing our UK and European SAS friends in person, being able to network, share ideas, learn new skills and discover the latest features of SAS technology.

Of course, if you’re not attending these events, and you’d like to learn more about Metacoda software, you can register for our 30-day free evaluation and/or arrange a private demo and chat over a web meeting.

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