Who has access to what?

Metacoda has the answers…

Over the last few months we’ve noticed an increase in questions in the SAS community that can be easily answered by Metacoda software. Questions such as…

  • who has access to a SAS metadata object/server/folder etc?
  • how do I create SAS metadata reports showing access, role and capability, logins?
  • can I compare differences between SAS environments/versions or platforms (and prevent a restore from backup with potential loss of data assets)?
  • is there a no-code solution to sync AD identities into SAS 9 platform?
  • what’s the easiest way to query SAS metadata?

Sound familiar?

Here are some examples of specific SAS User Group for Administrators (SUGA) questions:

These days there seems to be increasing pressure on SAS administrators to provide reports ASAP (or even ‘yesterday’!). Fortunately, Metacoda plug-ins are here to help by making these tasks as quick and easy as possible.

Metacoda Permissions Tracer Plug-in

For instance…

What about you? Do you have a favourite Metacoda tool you rely on? We’d love you to share your experiences in the comments.

SAS 9 Reminder: As SAS 9 administrators, we all need to be confident and familiar with the SAS 9 authorization permissions, particularly as data access regulations continue to strengthen. If you haven’t done so already – or as a refresher – it’s worth reading David Stern’s article Which SAS 9 Permission Wins.

Want to be confident about who has access to what in your SAS 9 environment? Register for our Metacoda Security Plug-ins 30-day free evaluation today.


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