SAS users in Australia, your vote counts!

SAS Software CEO, Dr Jim Goodnight, presenting at SAS Forum Australia 2013
SAS Software CEO, Dr Jim Goodnight, presenting at SAS Forum Australia 2013

Have your say today!

As Hanlie Erwee (Customer Advocacy Manager) promised at the Australian SAS user group meetings last year, the SAS user survey is now ready and waiting for your input.

Please take a few minutes to contribute and vote about what you want for future SAS Australia events and learning.

Personally, we’d love to see a continuation of in-person events and SAS Australia Forum again soon.

Having attended many SAS forums and conferences around the world, the events that stand out are the ones where users are most connected, valued, and open to sharing.

The last SAS Australia Forum was in 2013 – just imagine how great it would be to get together again with all the comradery, support and investment that we’ve seen grow in recent years.

So, think about where you are in your career as a SAS user and your next steps.

We certainly find that being involved in the wider SAS community is valuable for us both personally and professionally. Here are a few tips from Michelle if you’d like to get more involved with the SAS community online at Read more

Metacoda Koalas Gratefulness

Metacoda Koala Family - About Us


As the year comes to an end, we wanted to say a special great big koala thanks to our less-furry friends for all your support!

We also wanted to show you the following video we made about our adventures in recent years. We’re a bit unusual in our love of adventure given that our real-live koala cousins in Australia don’t like to venture far from their favourite eucalypt tree (since it’s the only food they eat!).

We hope the clip brings back some happy memories and puts a smile on your face. Read more

SASGF Metacoda collage

A true blue un”bear”lievable SAS Global Forum

SASGF Metacoda collage
SASGF Metacoda collage
Last month we wrote about how much we were looking forward to being a SAS Global Forum (SASGF) 2018 sponsor in April 8-11.

Well, it certainly lived up to our expectations. Every moment was extraordinary; particularly the time spent connecting with customers, partners, supporters, and friends.

It was such a pleasure to cross paths with so many wonderful people – whether in person, on Twitter, at the Metacoda stand, in the hallways (or streets), via networking sessions, or at the magnificent Kick Back Party.

We hope you and your new “true blue” Metacoda koalas had an un”bear”lievable time too! Make sure you check out the photos in our Metacoda in Denver Facebook album and please tag yourself!

520 partners…

We kicked off our SASGF experience with the SAS Partner Forum where the largest crowd of partner representatives (520 partners!) heard from SAS experts, executives, and industry thought leaders. We learned all about the latest on technology, product updates, and how to maximize the benefits of SAS partnership. It certainly set the scene for the insights, brilliance, and experiences to follow…
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Metacoda Koalas with Blue Bear #metacodaInDenver

How Metacoda can help keep your SAS platform secure. See us at SASGF!

Metacoda SASGF 2018
SASGF 2018 Sponsor

Metacoda is excited to once again be a SAS Global Forum (SASGF) sponsor (our seventh consecutive year!) And with a conference theme of Inspire the Extraordinary, it’s guaranteed to be an exceptional time!

Last year Charyn Faenza from First National Bank, and I, presented SAS Metadata Security 301: Auditing your SAS Environment, where we described security as a journey rather than a destination. We showed how Metacoda software can help you regularly review environments, protect resources, comply with security auditing requirements, and quickly and easily answer the question ‘who has access to what?’.

So where are you in your SAS platform security journey? How do you make sure your data assets are protected to meet regulatory and business compliance? If you’re going to SASGF, make sure you visit the Metacoda stand in The Quad to learn how we can help you keep your SAS platform secure. While you’re there, make sure you grab one of our true blue Metacoda koalas.

Or, if you’re not going to SASGF, feel free to contact us any time – we’re always keen to help our fellow SAS users!

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Metacoda SASGF 2018

Security compliance: moving beyond ‘set and forget’ at SASGF

We’re all aware of the many and varied regulations for your digital assets that exist across our different industries and countries. Addressing compliance generally also includes an analysis and assessment of data security. What do you have in place to ensure your data related assets remain secure and compliant?

As your business grows and your SAS environment evolves, how do you ensure continued regulatory compliance, business confidence, and alignment with a change in design specifications?

Can you afford to ‘set and forget’ your initial security implementation? Read more

SASGF – A Security Journey and being a LifeLearner…

…of Storytelling, Dataviz, Technology, Leadership, Data for Good and Social

SAS Global Forum (SASGF) was a blast!
(And we have 600+ photos and plenty of tweets to show for it!)
In fact, with the following features, how could it have been anything but mind-blowing?

  • 5,400+ attendees
  • 700+ presentations/posters/demos
  • TED Talk-style keynote presentations
  • perfect warm Spring weather
  • the magical venue of Florida’s Walt Disney Swan and Dolphin Resort
  • amazing social events including the Kick Back Party at Hollywood Studios!

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Confidence from Metadata Security Testing

In the past, with departmental data within the perimeters of an organization, security was sometimes a secondary concern. These days, with shared enterprise environments, external workers, cloud, and BYOD, security is often paramount. You may have seen security predictions for 2015 such as:

We’ve noticed security becoming a higher priority for organizations using SAS® Software too.

Last year we released Metacoda Security Plug-ins 4.0 including an optional Metadata Security Testing Framework for the automated testing of SAS metadata security implementations. The plug-ins integrate with the SAS platform and SAS solutions to help customers troubleshoot, document, and test their metadata security, giving them a high degree of confidence and helping them address compliance needs.

We have found that metadata security testing, when it is done, is almost always done manually. Manual testing takes significant effort and planning, has limited coverage, and it’s very easy to miss things. This often means testing is done infrequently and metadata security problems can stay undiscovered for a long time until it’s brought to the attention of an administrator. Whilst people will question why they have limited access, they rarely say when they have too much access.

Imagine the confidence you’ll get from frequently scheduled, high coverage metadata security testing that notifies you when non-compliant changes occur.

For further information on Metacoda Security Plug-ins 4.0 and the optional testing framework, we have a video presentation on our YouTube Channel (embedded below).

Metacoda Plug-ins 4.0 Testing YouTube

To find out more about our Metacoda Security Plug-ins software, visit our product page or contact us to discuss. You can also register to download our plug-ins and get a free one-month evaluation license to try out the Metadata Security Testing Framework and the rest of the plug-ins with your own SAS metadata.

Register Now ...

Metacoda Koalas at SAS Global Forum 2014 (Video)

Did you see the Metacoda koalas at SAS Global Forum 2014 (SASGF14) in Washington, DC last month? We’ve compiled a short video montage of them hanging out with SAS users at the conference which we’ve uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Metacoda Koala at SASGF 2014 video

We’ve placed some Metacoda photos from SASGF14 on our Facebook page. There is an album of photos of the Metacoda koalas, including a few contributed photos of them with SAS users from around the world. If you have any of your own Metacoda koala snapshots that you’d like us to add, please send them to us at .