Metacoda Presentation from SAS Global Forum 2013

This is the rolling presentation we were playing at our Alliance Member stand in the demo hall at SAS Global Form 2013. It highlights our add-ons to SAS® Software, which include: Metacoda Commutual: This is our web based application to help organizations search and collaborate on business and technical metadata within their SAS® platform installations. […]

Metacoda getting ready for SAS Global Forum 2013

We very much enjoyed being a sponsor at SAS® Global Forum last year and we’re looking forward to being a sponsor again this year at SAS Global Forum 2013 (SASGF13) in San Francisco. Since the last conference, we’ve been busy working on our add-ons to SAS software and we look forward to meeting more SAS […]

Metacoda Plug-ins used in SAS Australia’s Remote Admin Service

We are very excited to see a recent press release on the SAS® Australia website. It mentions how SAS Australia are using Metacoda Plug-ins as part of their SAS Remote Administration Service, helping to ensure fast and effective resolution of their customers metadata security related issues. If you’re looking for assistance with the ongoing management […]

Metacoda Security Plug-ins: a “must have”

At Metacoda, we enjoy helping organisations get the most out of their SAS® metadata. Our Metacoda Security Plug-ins provide a way for organisations to benefit from enhanced metadata visibility. Feedback from our customers and evaluators has significantly contributed to the evolution of our software over the last few years and we’d like to share with […]

Metacoda Plug-ins 3.0 R2

We’ve just released an update to our Metacoda Plug-ins software (3.0 R2) which includes support for use with SAS® Software version 9.3 M2. One of the new features SAS Institute have added to SAS 9.3 M2 are metadata bound libraries and tables for enhanced data security. This include some new metadata model types (SecuredLibrary and […]

Metacoda at SAS Global Forum 2012

Metacoda enjoyed being a sponsor at SAS® Global Forum 2012 and having the opportunity to meet SAS users from around the world. Thanks for dropping by our Metacoda stand and seeing how our Metacoda Security Plug-ins can help you manage your SAS platform. The Metacoda koalas seemed popular and they certainly enjoyed being at the […] Blog Posts about Metacoda Security Plug-ins

In his blog, Paul Homes from Metacoda has posted a number of items about using Metacoda Security Plug-ins for SAS® platform administration work. These include: Baseline Security Metadata for a new SAS® 9.3 Deployment (18 Nov 2011) contains links to example HTML reports generated using Metacoda Security Plug-ins to document the initial baseline security […]

Metacoda Security Plug-ins V2 Now Available

Version 2.0 of our Metacoda Security Plug-ins software is now available for use with SAS® software versions 9.2 and 9.3. Metacoda Security Plug-ins version 1.0 is still available for those still using SAS software version 9.1.3. Metacoda Security Plug-ins SAS 9.3 SAS 9.2 SAS 9.1.3 SP4 V2.0 V1.0 Some of the most significant improvements in […]