Tag, you’re it! Learn about the Infinite Game at #SASGF.

Oliver Schabenberger videotag SASGFIn the lead up to the virtual SAS Global Forum (SASGF) 2020 event on June 16, SAS CTO/COO, Oliver Schabenberger shared on LinkedIn one of the books on his top reading recommendations earlier this year is The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek and that he has the privilege in speaking with the inspiring author and optimist in a conversation on June 16. As part of the lead up to the event, he then commences a #videotag game asking David Macdonald, SAS Chief Sales Officer what inspires him.

David Macdonald videotag SASGFDavid took up the #videotag baton and shared what inspired him. Being an avid reader, he thrives on stories and experiences that we can all learn from and use to coach and lead others. He says Simon Sinek is a master at orchestrating and memorializing such experiences in a logical and revolutionary fashion – #TheInfiniteGame. In invites us to join SASGF on June 16 and encourages his leadership team with a #videotag to share their inspirational drivers. See David Macdonald’s #videotag message.

Let’s follow SAS EMEA Senior Vice President, Riad Gydien’s tag…

Riad Gydien videotag SASGFIn Riad’s #videotag he explains his highlight with the Infinite Game is being a better version of yourself and the concept of trusting teams as a requirement to an effect team. It sure sounds inspiring as he asks his colleagues for their inspirations, video tagging SAS Head of Marketing, senior Vice President, Jennifer Chase.

Jennifer Chase videotag SASGFJennifer takes on the #videotag baton and “Starts with Why?”, the Ted Talk based on Simon Sinek’s book where he succinctly describes customer don’t by what you do but why you do it. All of his books have not only challenged the way Jennifer thinks but inspires the way she acts. Jennifer too, believes trusting teams is also of importance where over a series of moments, risks are taken and vulnerability is shown. Agree!

Michelle Homes videotag SASGFIn Jennifer’s passing of the baton she asks for partner, Michelle Homes’ perspective. Michelle share’s in her LinkedIn #videotag post how Simon Sinek’s persistent optimism gets one to question the way you think, act and communicate, providing a calm confidence that inspires her in my engagement with the SAS community. Michelle continues the game tagging others to share their thoughts and encourages people to add their comments to have a text chat.

Be part of the game too by watching the LinkedIn #videotag #SASGF posts and add your thoughts on what inspires you. Also register for the virtual SAS Global Forum event on June 16 to hear from Simon Sinek on the Infinite Game.

Go on… register – Tag, you’re it!

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