Imagine saving a few hours a day in your SAS admin work!

“How much time does Metacoda save you per week?”

#SASForumUK Iain Adamson presentation tweetThis question was asked of Iain Adamson from ScottishPower following his presentation, “From cottage industry to critical system! How Metacoda software enables productivity as your SAS platform becomes business critical”, which he presented with Michelle Homes from Metacoda at SAS Forum UK on 25th June.

Iain’s response – “while the time varies, it can be a few hours a day” – certainly seemed to impress the audience. (Not such a surprise for us though, given that we’ve been helping SAS administrators to be more productive since 2007 ?)

Many thanks to Iain and his manager, Duncan Bain, for enthusiastically sharing their Metacoda software journey, and highlighting a few of their favourite tools:

  • Metacoda Password Encoder – Easily creates encoded/encrypted passwords without requiring access to a SAS coding interface. This helps to ensure there are no plain text passwords in the production environment.
  • Metacoda ACT Reviewer – Allows admins to quickly see the Access Control Templates, how they’ve been defined, where they have been applied, and how they may have been protected. Warning indicators identify potential issues where deviations from recommended practices have occurred.
  • Metacoda Identity Sync – ScottishPower believe the Metacoda Identity Sync Plug-in was the only practical way for them to on-board their users to the SAS platform with their Active Directory profiles.
  • Metacoda User Reviewer – Provides a comprehensive, whole-of-server view of a selected user. Being able to see the identity hierarchy in a tree view is very helpful and saves time.
  • Metacoda Identity Permissions Explorer – With just a few clicks, generate a report of what a user has access to. ScottishPower was able to review its effective permissions across multiple objects (folders, libraries, stored processes, reports etc), and be confident that their SAS metadata security model was as expected.

To find out more about how Metacoda can help a growing business, you can see the full presentation here.

A jam-packed day of learning

#SASForumUK Oliver Schabenberger keynote tweetSAS Forum UK kicked off with a warm welcome by Carolyn Payne, Head of Customer Advisory, Public Sector, SAS UK.

We were then treated to three inspiring keynote speakers (including fabulous demonstrations!) focusing on no-hyped, real AI (Analytics Intelligence or rather Analytics Integration).

  • Charles Senabulya, VP and SAS UK Country Manager, shared exciting examples of AI and Analytics in Action.
  • Oliver Schabenberger, SAS CTO & COO, showed how SAS technology can unlock value from data at scale, enabling organisations to streamline their processes with a data-driven approach.
  • Futurist, Andreas Ekström, got us thinking, by encouraging the audience to contemplate the best questions to tackle the Seven Ways to Own the World using our skills.

After such a thought-provoking start to the day, the seven breakout sessions – covering AI, SAS administration, data science, academic and education, and strategic-level discussions on business and analytics issues – made for an all-round stimulating day!

If you’d like to also learn from the SAS Forum UK content, all of the resources; keynote speakers presentations and breakout sessions presentations as well as additional resources are available on the SAS Forum UK 2019 website.

Congratulations SAS Forum UK

#SASForumUK Welcome Reception Oliver & MichelleThanks and congratulations to everyone involved with SAS Forum UK; it was a pleasure from start to finish.

The Welcome Reception, the evening before, provided a great atmosphere for catching up with the SAS community, including Oliver Schabenberger.

The new forum location at the ICC in Birmingham catered well to the 1,000 attendees, and the Networking Zone provided an excellent space for attendees to meet with sponsors, engage with super demos, immerse themselves in technology experiences, and connect with the SAS education team.

#SASForumUK String Wall tweetMetacoda loved having our sponsor stand right opposite the SAS Education Strings ‘N’ Things display, where we could watch the colourful entanglement of data unfold as the day progressed. Zoom into our tweet and let us know what you see!

Keep in touch

#SASForumUK metacoda booth - paul demonstratingThanks to our Metacoda partners, customers, and friends (existing and new!) who met with us during the conference.

For more about our SAS Forum UK adventures see the #metacodaInUK Twitter hashtag and/or review our Facebook album and Instagram account. You’re bound to spot some familiar faces in the #SASForumUK 2019 Metacoda koala video.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on SAS Forum UK too. Share in the comments and/or send us a message.

P.S. Know any SAS administrators who’d like to save a few hours a day? Let them know they can register for a 30-day free evaluation to experience the benefits of Metacoda software…


Click to watch the #SASForumUK 2019 Metacoda koala video…

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