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ScottishPower and Metacoda present at SAS Forum UK 2019

Learn how to manage and optimise your SAS platform at #SASForumUK!

The SAS Forum UK website states…

“Analytics informs. It inspires.
It transforms the world around us.
KNOW how to put your AI & Analytics in Action.”

#SASForumUK Charles Senabulya invitation

With a theme of inspiration and transformation, we’re looking forward to SAS Forum UK on the 25th June 2019 and hope to see you there.

After all, as Oliver Schabenberger (SAS CTO and COO and keynote speaker at the upcoming conference) has been saying for years; “Data without analytics is value not yet realised“.

SAS Institute has been sharing the power of analytics for more than 40 years, and now – with advancements in technology – more businesses than ever are realising the true value of data.

In his compelling invitation Charles Senabulya, VP and Country Manager for SAS UKI, explains that SAS Forum UK will focus on stories from customers about HOW they are bringing analytics to life in extraordinary ways every day.

It’s an opportunity not to be missed!
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Paul demonstrating Metacoda software to Tamara Barker at SASGF 2019

Power to do Good: bringing analytics to life at #SASGF

Chris Hemedinger SASGF Facial Recognition Demo Tweet

When more than 6,000 SAS users came together at SAS Global Forum 2019 in Dallas, it was clear that we are living in exciting times, full of potential!

Dr Jim Goodnight, SAS CEO, set the scene perfectly in the opening session:
“We are witnessing a renewed focus on data and analytics, driven by the combination of increased computing power, a more connected world and more powerful technologies, like artificial intelligence, computer vision, natural language processing and machine learning.”

To support his words, he blew us away with a live facial recognition demonstration, using an enthusiastic group of volunteers (including Metacoda’s Michelle Homes) and a model TinyYOLO v2. The model essentially converts each face into a vector of 512 floating point numbers, looks it up using nearest neighbour, and then returns a name. But obviously behind the scenes there’s a lot more going on: the facial recognition uses approximately 11 million parameters… with more than 22 million floating point operations that have to occur on a workstation with 2 GPUs… which sends the data to SAS Viya running ESP on 4 GPUs… which sends the pixels in the bounding box into a model that has 55 million parameters from FaceNet! If you’re intrigued, please see Dr Goodnight’s opening session presentation for yourself (and notice that even funny faces can’t fool that clever underlying algorithm!) 😉

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SAS European Forum Recap – thanks!

You may recall that in our last blog post, the Metacoda koalas shared their excitement about an upcoming trip attending and sponsoring SAS events in Europe.

Metacoda G'Day!

Well, we’re pleased to report that the trip was a great success; the koalas had a wonderful adventure and we had a blast meeting up with our customers, partners, SAS community members and friends.

Friendly feedback

Thanks to everyone who visited our stands at recent events. It was particularly inspiring to hear feedback about the ways that Metacoda software is helping people around the world, for instance:

David Tweet
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Be a SAS community ‘pen pal’

Years ago… in the world before internet, I had a pen pal who lived in England (it wasn’t Paul!). It was an exciting experience sharing stories over perfume-scented, floral stationery. While I had an assortment of fine stationery for different occasions, the extra special stationery was always spared for letters to my English friend.

Our “chats” involved describing events in our lives, answering questions, and asking new questions. With snail mail, the delay between exchanges could be weeks or months; however, the thrill of receiving a letter from the other side of the world was always worth the wait. Over the years the exchange of letters became less frequent and eventually faded away, but I always cherish the experience of having a pen pal as fun and rewarding.

Today, the floral stationery has been replaced by screens, and the perfumed smell has been replaced by notification alerts, emojis and images. Instead of one letter-writing pen pal, I now have many digital pen pals; and, although different in many ways, the thrill and excitement continues.

While the most obvious difference is the sheer speed of the exchange (a delay of even 24 hours and we’re wondering what is wrong!), the real advantage for me is the ability to easily find new groups of ‘pals’ who share my interests, particularly in the SAS community.

Being an enthusiastic SAS® user since 1996, I’ve always enjoyed attending SAS events to present, learn, share and network. Back in the ’90s, it was a real treat to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who Read more

SAS Professionals Convention 2014 and Europe trip

SASProfs Michelle and Paul with Metacoda Koalas

A big thank you to our customers, partners, supporters and the SAS users that we met in Europe over the past few weeks.

We were excited to be a sponsor at the SAS Professionals Convention 2014 (SASProfs). It was the first year SASProfs had sponsors and it was great to be a part of it. We enjoyed showing SAS professionals how we help SAS customers get more value from metadata. We were also stoked to meet our Twitter followers in person and participate in the TweetBeam activity.

Michelle has a passion for all things metadata, and loves to teach and share her knowledge with others. She gave a fun presentation on Building a SAS Visual Analytics Dashboard for SAS Administrators which can be viewed on SAS Professionals TV. This was a condensed form of the presentation that Michelle co-authored with Tricia Aanderud at SAS Global Forum earlier this year.

SASProfs was very well-run, with a great variety of presentations on offer. The repeat sessions and live streams gave the attendees even more options. The picturesque location of the SAS UK headquarters created a relaxing atmosphere which allowed attendees to kick back and enjoy the social events as well.

Thanks to the friendly team at SASProfs for putting together such a great event. We hope to return in 2015.

Our Metacoda koalas also enjoyed meeting SAS users, visiting customers, partners and SAS offices. If you follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, you would have seen their travels. Here is a follow up video montage of their trip in the Metacoda Koala YouTube Playlist.

Metacoda Koalas in Europe & SAS Professionals in 2014

We have an album of the Metacoda koalas, including photos of them with SAS users from around the world. If you have any of your own Metacoda koala snapshots that you’d like us to add, please send them to us at .

Thanks again to our supporters and new followers. We look forward in working with you in the near future.

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