Reflecting on the 2017 Metacoda journey. Wishing you peace, joy & love.

Metacoda Christmas 2017

As 2017 ends and the festive season approaches we want to wish peace, joy and love to you and your families. We hope your 2017 reflection is one of success and happiness.

In thinking about the year – and the 10 years Metacoda has been operating – Paul and I feel very humbled to reflect on the benefits our customers have shared with us, and our contribution to the SAS community. In gives us great joy to contemplate where we were 11 years ago – brainstorming the plug-ins and tools – to where we are today. We’d like to thank our team, customers, partners, and friends for your support and alliance, and we look forward to continuing the Metacoda journey together in 2018.

As Colonel Chris Hadfield said at SAS Global Forum in April, “Love every step along the way. Life is not about your grand mission statements, it’s about what you do next”…

Happy Holidays!

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Metacoda Koalas with treasure

Ten Treasure Trove Tips to Takeaway for SAS professionals

Metacoda Koalas with treasure
Metacoda Koalas with treasure
As a SAS professional, you’ll know that there is always something to learn with SAS software. On 24th October, Michelle presented at our local SAS user group, QUEST (Queensland Users Exploring SAS Technology), “Ten Treasure Trove Tips to Takeaway for SAS professionals”. In being asked to present on #TalkLikeAPirateDay, Michelle embraced the opportunity to create a pirate and treasured themed presentation, digging deep to deliver ten treasure trove tips for statisticians, analysts, data wranglers, administrators and new SAS learners to takeaway. The tips were curated from the following SAS community champions: Cynthia Johnson, Kate Schwartz, David Stern, Paul Homes, Rick Wicklin, Bobby Wagoner, Gert Nisson, Sanjay Matange, Robert Allison, Linus Hjorth and Chris Hemedinger. Thank you!

It was an educational and fun evening where QUEST attendees were treated with Read more

SAS UK Metacoda Webinar Presenters

SAS® Security Model Design Golden Rules, Validation, and Monitoring with Metacoda

Have you heard of the SAS® Security Model Design Eight Golden Rules? If not, we first recommend reading the SAS Global Enablement and Learning (GEL) Five papers on Recommended SAS 9.4 Security Model Design (part 1 & part 2) These papers, provided by David Stern, are an excellent resource for SAS customers and partners to use when designing security for their SAS platform implementations.

Summary of SAS Global Enablement and Learning 8 Golden Rules
Summary of SAS Global Enablement and Learning 8 Golden Rules
SAS UK Metacoda Webinar Presenters

On Monday 9th October, David Stern from the SAS GEL team presented with Paul Homes from Metacoda at a SAS UK Customer Loyalty webinar on SAS® Security Model Design Golden Rules, Validation, and Monitoring with Metacoda. The webinar recording is well worth watching to get an understanding of SAS security best practices and how Metacoda helps to ensure your SAS platform remains secure! The webinar recording, Q&A and slides are available at

5258 We’d like to encourage you to consider using a third party tool to help you analyze, inspect and test the structure of the security model design in your SAS 9 deployment. The best known of these is the set of security plug-ins from Metacoda. David Stern, SAS Global Enablement and Learning team

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SAS® Administrator Survey on Metadata Security

One of the secrets to enhancing products is knowing what our user community want. It’d be great if you could spare a few minutes to answer some questions. This will help us get some more insights into how SAS administrators work that we can also use with our product planning.

We will publish the anonymous results on the Metacoda blog when the survey is finished.

Take the brief SAS Administrator Survey on Metadata Security

Many thanks in advance!

Metacoda Koala Thanks!

SAS Communities are aWEsome!!!

Whether you’ve been a SAS user for days, months, or years, there is one thing that’s for sure… the SAS community is aWEsome!

My own SAS journey is into its third decade, having first used SAS during my undergraduate degree in the late 1990s. Twenty years ago I became one of the first SAS graduates in Australia, and have been a passionate advocate for the software and community ever since.

Michelle Homes Tweet

I love the innovation, energy and support SAS users share when they come together in person. I also love the collaboration and sharing within the online communities and social media.

It truly is fabulous to be part of a global community with such outstanding, engaging members, supported by an awesome community management. Read more

Are you inspired to experience your new possible?

For the past few years SAS Forum Nederland has been held in Nieuwegein, a town not far from Utrecht. In Utrecht there is a museum, Museum Speelklok that I’ve been longing to visit and with a free Saturday afternoon following SAS Forum Nederland, I gleefully did.

The Museum Speelklok website states “Museum Speelklok will take you through the wonderful world of self-playing musical instruments, surprising its visitors every day with the cheerful tunes sounding from all corners of the museum.” And it sure was wonderful. I was mesmerised by the musical tones and in awe of the history and amazing engineering these 16th century instruments possessed. From musical clocks, musical boxes, orchestrions and traditional Dutch organs it was a delight. The enchanting experience not only was a musical fulfilment, it was engineering adventure as I watched the pins, pulleys and drums move in perfect harmony.

Being inspired

I was spellbound with one instrument on display, A Magical Marble Machine. This instrument was created and donated to the museum after the creator, Martin Molin, member of the Swedish musicband Wintergatan become inspired while visiting the Museum Speelklok in 2014. After 14 months he created a magical music machine of packs of plywood, 3000 screws and no less than 2000 marbles. I urge you to watch the viral (almost 50 million views) YouTube video below of his creation that includes a virbraphone, kickdrum, snare-drum, cymbals and an electric bass. Read more

Sharing Innovation in Northern Europe

Earlier this month, we set off to the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway on the promise of SAS innovation, and we certainly weren’t disappointed!

We met so many wonderful customers and SAS users, we talked to partners and the community, and we learned about the latest developments from experts in the field. We were excited to see first-hand how Metacoda is helping our global customers to manage, review, troubleshoot, document, audit and test their SAS platform installations.

It certainly makes all the hard work worthwhile when you’re on the other side of the world and SAS Administrators tell you Read more

5½ Free Tools to help SAS® Admins and Metadata Specialists

31AUG2015 NOTE: There are now 6 Free Tools as Metacoda Plug-ins 5.0 is released and the Workspace Inspector is available.

SAS® platform administrators face some common challenges and requirements; particularly when exploring metadata or needing to access features of a SAS coding interface while working in the SAS Management Console. Our many years of experience helping SAS platform administrators led us to develop these five (and half) free tools to help us address such issues. We find them useful and we hope that you will too.

1. Make sense of your metadata with the Metadata Explorer

Metadata specialists may be familiar with the METABROWSE tool built into Foundation SAS to examine metadata. With the uptake of SAS® Enterprise Guide® and SAS® Studio, Display Manager (DMS) may no longer be readily available so we Read more

Metacoda getting ready for SAS Global Forum 2013

Metacoda Koalas getting SASGF13 agenda ready

We very much enjoyed being a sponsor at SAS® Global Forum last year and we’re looking forward to being a sponsor again this year at SAS Global Forum 2013 (SASGF13) in San Francisco.

Since the last conference, we’ve been busy working on our add-ons to SAS software and we look forward to meeting more SAS users and talking about Metacoda Plug-ins, Metacoda Commutual and Enterprise Guide Custom Tasks.

Metacoda Plug-ins
Our Metacoda Plug-ins software continues to provide enhanced visibility of SAS metadata security implementations, in whole-of-server views, to significantly improve the productivity of administrators when it comes to managing SAS metadata security. The software allows administrators to rapidly review and troubleshoot metadata security by providing fast and thorough answers to questions. It’s also beneficial in the ongoing governance and auditing requirements for an organisation. Feel free to contact us if you would like an evaluation to try out the software in your own environment.

Metacoda Commutual
We’re developing a new web-based product that allows organisations with SAS software to search and communicate about SAS metadata, both business and technical. This product allows business users to contribute their knowledge, via discussions, about columns, tables, cubes, jobs, stored processes etc. It provides a way to ensure that business definitions and ‘reasons why things were done a certain way’ are not buried in personal emails. We’ll be demoing this on the iPad at SASGF13, so please drop by our stand to try it out for yourself. More information, with screenshots, can be found in this blog post –

Custom Tasks for Enterprise Guide
We’ve also been exploring the development of custom tasks for SAS Enterprise Guide. If you have a pressing need for a particular custom task, please come and talk to us. To see one example, check out Paul’s blog post at

Drop by and say G’Day

Metacoda Koalas Qantas Ticket and Bag ready

If you’re going to the Forum and are responsible for the implementation, management and ongoing maintenance for your SAS platform, then make sure you stop by to get a demo of how Metacoda software can help. Come and say G’Day and get a Metacoda koala and an Aussie chocolate treat…

See you at the TweetUp?
Also if you happen to be in San Francisco on Saturday 27th April, don’t forget the #SASGF13 #TweetUp, we’ll be there too – details can be found at

Look forward to seeing you soon!