Knowledge Sharing with Amadeus

One of the ways we support our Metacoda partners is with face-to-face knowledge transfer sessions, where we provide comprehensive updates about our products. While in the UK in June, we were fortunate to be able to schedule one of these sessions with Amadeus Software. As a Metacoda partner since 2011, Amadeus recommends our products whenever […]

New Metacoda Affiliate: ThotWave Technologies

Metacoda is pleased to welcome ThotWave Technologies as an affiliate. Named after Thoth, the Egyptian god of wisdom, ThotWave is a privately held corporation with a rich history of software excellence and integrity, providing thought leadership in the business intelligence community. Launched in November 2002, ThotWave, a SAS Alliance Partner provides consulting services to help […]

New Metacoda Affiliate: Overton Technologies

Metacoda is pleased to welcome Overton Technologies as an affiliate. Overton Technologies develop key information systems that help executives, managers, and employees get the right information to make better decisions. Overton Technologies implement SAS® Business Intelligence, Data Integration and data warehousing solutions to streamline business processes, drive growth and productivity, and provide measurable improvements to […]

New Metacoda Affiliate: MTL Sistemi e Servizi S.r.l

Metacoda is pleased to welcome MTL Sistemi e Servizi S.r.l as an affiliate. Founded in Rome in 1994, MTL Group provides a range of professional services across a variety of solutions. MTL have partnered with Metacoda to include Metacoda Security Plug-ins software as part of their services and security solution offering. Metacoda Security Plug-ins software […]

New Metacoda Affiliate: Decision Network

Metacoda is pleased to welcome Decision Network as an affiliate. Decision Network is a European consulting group established in 2006 and based in France. They have a team of experts who specialize in the implementation of Business Intelligence projects. They are involved in all stages of a project including expert technical advice, design, development, training […]

New Metacoda Affiliate: Analytic Intelligence Architecture Solutions

Metacoda is pleased to welcome Analytic Intelligence Architecture Solutions (AIAS) as an affiliate. AIAS offer statistical software solutions architecture services in the field of business intelligence, business analytics, operational research and statistical modelling in the United Kingdom. AIAS specialise in the IT solution architecture using statistical and mathematical software packages and look forward to offering […]

New Metacoda Affiliate: Real Numbers

Metacoda is pleased to welcome Real Numbers as an affiliate. Real Numbers, based in Australia, specialise in the development of Business Intelligence and Data Repository Solutions in many business areas from health, insurance, banking and education. Real Numbers provide consulting services that leverage the full potential of an organisation’s data infrastructure and information delivery systems. […]

New Metacoda Affiliate: Amadeus Software Limited

Metacoda is pleased to welcome Amadeus Software Limited as an affiliate. Based in Oxfordshire, England, Amadeus are a SAS® Alliance Silver Member providing a comprehensive range of SAS consultancy, SAS technical services, lifetime support and SAS training. As a Metacoda Affiliate they will also be able to offer their UK customers a way to improve […]

New Metacoda Affiliate: Analytiks International, Inc.

Metacoda is pleased to welcome Analytiks International, Inc as an affiliate. Analytiks, a SAS® software focused consulting and talent recruitment firm, looks forward to offering their US customers a way to improve their productivity through enhanced metadata visibility with Metacoda Security Plug-ins. Metacoda Security Plug-ins can be used within the SAS Management Console to help […]