SAS security journey continues with more SAS forum adventures!

Thanks for being part of our Metacoda community. We hope your professional and personal 2017 journeys have been going well. We’d like to give you a quick update on ours and how we can help with your SAS® security journey. Please feel free to reach out to say g’day, share your Metacoda koala antics, ask […]

Find your ‘new possible’ with a social, analytical, and secure open mind at SUNZ!

Metacoda have recently returned from SAS Global Forum (SASGF), where we thoroughly embraced the theme of ‘Data Knows No Boundaries’. We’re now looking forward to Thursday 11th May 2017 when we’ll be sponsoring SAS Users New Zealand (SUNZ), and expanding on the boundless innovation of analytics with the theme ‘Open Minds’.

SASGF – A Security Journey and being a LifeLearner…

…of Storytelling, Dataviz, Technology, Leadership, Data for Good and Social SAS Global Forum (SASGF) was a blast! (And we have 600+ photos and plenty of tweets to show for it!) In fact, with the following features, how could it have been anything but mind-blowing? 5,400+ attendees 700+ presentations/posters/demos TED Talk-style keynote presentations perfect warm Spring […]

SAS Global Forum Metacoda Memories and Magic

As the clock ticks and the calendar flicks, SAS Global Forum 2017 gets closer and closer… You know that ticking sound. Maybe it’s like the one in Peter Pan where Captain Hook is haunted by Tick-Tock, the crocodile. Or perhaps it’s more like the sound of a clock striking the hour, as in Cinderella, with […]

Capturing 2016 with the Metacoda koalas

Hello friends! It’s the Metacoda koalas again wanting to say a little “hooroo” to farewell 2016 and thank you for your support. What a busy year we’ve had meeting incredible SAS users all over the world! Perhaps you saw us at a conference or event? Or even adopted one of our many furry siblings along […]

Message from our Metacoda Koalas

G’day Metacoda followers, It’s the Metacoda koalas here! You’ve probably seen us at a Metacoda stand, on social media, or mentioned at the end of a blog post… But we thought it was time to do our very own blog post so we can get to know each other a little better. We’d like to […]

Catch the #SASchat Twitter chatter bug

Imagine having a conversation with your peers, colleagues and friends in short 140-character bursts. Not possible you say? Well imagine these people are not even in front of you but on the other side of the world, in a different time zone? In the world before telephones or internet, this would have seemed a far-fetched […]

Be a SAS community ‘pen pal’

Years ago… in the world before internet, I had a pen pal who lived in England (it wasn’t Paul!). It was an exciting experience sharing stories over perfume-scented, floral stationery. While I had an assortment of fine stationery for different occasions, the extra special stationery was always spared for letters to my English friend. Our […]

Danke für das SAS Forum Deutschland (#SASF16)

A relaxing garden-inspired conference design, combined with Bonn’s modern World Convention Centre, created a perfect setting for the SAS Forum Deutschland in April. Add in an impressive program, and it’s no surprise that the forum attracted 1,100 in-person attendees and an additional 1,015 virtual visitors. We were pleased to once again be a sponsor at […]

SAS Global Forum 2016 delivered on Razzle Dazzle

So how was the recent SAS Global Forum (SASGF) 2016 in Las Vegas? Did it deliver the “Razzle Dazzle” we anticipated? It sure did! As always, the conference was an absolute blast from beginning to end! Specifically, in this case, blue and silver confetti blasts, with the announcement of SAS® Viya™ – a cloud-ready environment, […]