Capturing 2016 with the Metacoda koalas

Metacoda Koalas and chocolate

Hello friends!

It’s the Metacoda koalas again wanting to say a little “hooroo” to farewell 2016 and thank you for your support.

What a busy year we’ve had meeting incredible SAS users all over the world! Perhaps you saw us at a conference or event? Or even adopted one of our many furry siblings along the way?

When we sent out our latest Metacoda blog post, we were thrilled to read the reflective responses from friends about our Metacoda koala social images this year.

This got us thinking about the many Metacoda koala photos that have been tweeted or sent to us during the year, and we simply couldn’t resist sharing a few of them with you (see below). You’ll find koalas hard at work, koalas ready to party, koalas in gum trees, and even koalas helping with hair styling! What are your favourites from 2016? Let us know in the comments, send us an email at , or share your own favourite photos; we’d love to hear from you!

If you’d like to join in the fun in 2017, make sure you pick up your own Metacoda koala when you see us at a SAS event… maybe April at SAS Global Forum in Florida?

In the meantime, have a cuddly festive season with your family and friends and thank you for hanging out with us in 2016!

Metacoda Koalas

Metacoda koala

P.S. You can follow our adventures on our very own YouTube playlist and the Metacoda Koala Facebook album.
P.P.S. Hopefully we’ll see you next year in Orlando, Florida at SAS Global Forum 2017!
P.P.P.S We certainly wish our real live koala friends could multiple as quickly as we do! If you’d like to join us in helping them along the way, please support #SaveTheKoala and the Australian Koala Foundation. A great way to get started is to sign up to their newsletter.

Some social Metacoda Koalas

Metacoda koalas hang out with the natives

Michelle Homes tweet

With knitted friend Nickoala…

Michelle Homes Tweet

Metacoda koalas watch Brian Bowman code for CAS in SAS Viya

Brian Tweet

Metacoda koala with SAS Certified bling

Susan Tweet

Peter Timusk’s koala at OASUS

Peter Tweet

Marcia Walker and #KoalaMcKoala

Marcia Tweet

Marcia Tweet

Marcia Walker’s call out for koala care:

Marcia Tweet

Michele Null takes up Marcia’s offer and becomes an Aunt and #KarlaKoala nestles into her new home

Michele Tweet

#KirbyKoala – #KoalaMcKoala’s cousin:

Marcia Tweet

In the WUSS mobile app

Metacoda Tweet

Stephanie Delaporte’s koala

Stephanie Tweet

Deanna Schreiber-Gregory alerts MWSUG attendees the Metacoda koalas are on the loose

DeDe Tweet

Charlotte Tweet

Venita Tweet

Andy Tweet

Metacoda Koala social images

SAS Global Forum, Las Vegas (19-21 April) – on our way!

Metacoda Koala Adventure SAS Global Forum - on our way!

SAS Global Forum, Las Vegas (19-21 April)

Metacoda Koala Adventure SAS Global Forum

SAS Forum Deutschland (28 April)

Metacoda Koala Adventure SAS Forum Deutschland

SAS Forum Switzerland (1 June)

Metacoda Koala Adventure SAS Forum Switzerland

Metacoda 6.0 launch (August)

Metacoda Koala Adventure - Metacoda Plug-ins 6 Launch

WUSS, San Francisco (7-9 September)

Metacoda Koala Adventure WUSS

Message from the Metacoda Koalas (14 September)

Metacoda Blog Save the Koala Banner

SAS Forum UK (26-28 September)

Metacoda Koala Adventure SAS Forum UK

SAS Forum Nederland (4 October)

Metacoda Koala Adventure SAS Forum Netherland

Knowit seminar, Copenhagen (6 October)

Metacoda Koala Adventure Copenhagen Seminar

MWSUG, Cincinnati (9-11 October)

Metacoda Koala Adventure MWSUG

SAS Forum France (10 October)

Metacoda Koala Adventure SAS Forum France

SAS Forum BeLux (13 October)

Metacoda Koala Adventure SAS Forum BeLux

SESUG, Bethesda (16-18 October)

Metacoda Koala Adventure SESUG 2

SCSUG, San Antonio (6-9 November)

Metacoda Koala Adventure SCSUG

Christmas – hanging out

Metacoda Koala Adventure Christmas
  • Gail ,

    It has been so fun to see all of the koala fun in 2016. Thank you!

    • Michelle Homes ,

      Thanks for your feedback Gail. Glad you’ve enjoyed the Metacoda koalas antics. ;-) Do you have a favourite social tile?

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