Catch the #SASchat Twitter chatter bug

Twitter chat Imagine having a conversation with your peers, colleagues and friends in short 140-character bursts. Not possible you say? Well imagine these people are not even in front of you but on the other side of the world, in a different time zone?

In the world before telephones or internet, this would have seemed a far-fetched fantasy.

Today, however, Twitter allows users to communicate in exactly this way; with short 140-character messages called ‘tweets’.

A particularly exciting and growing area of the Twitter platform is Twitter chat, which is essentially a live Twitter event, focused around a particular topic.

Joining a Twitter chat is a great way to engage with a community, increase your product brand’s social visibility, and connect with an audience in a new way.

Metacoda’s participation

SAS France TweetMetacoda was recently invited to participate in the SAS France led Twitter #SASchat on the impact of Internet of Things on the Analytics Administrator. Here a number of experts in the community weighed in with their thoughts and experiences via the Q&A, and discussed and shared their resources. To give you an idea of what the event was like, check out the Twitter chat summary below.

SAS France tweet

For Metacoda, it’s encouraging to see organizations recognising the key role of the SAS administrator and the importance of having a secure SAS platform. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about how we can help you keep your SAS platform secure.

Join a #SASchat

If you’re interested in the Internet of Things (#IoT) and other related #SASchat summaries, we’d encourage you to take a look at IoTjive’s social stories and be sure to follow #SASchat to find out when the next Twitter chat is on.

Twitter help

And if you’re new to Twitter, check out this A guide to Twitter: How to tweet, Twitter tips and tricks, Twitter features and how to get the most out of Twitter. If you want some guidance on Twitter chats, check out this Complete Guide on How to Participate on Twitter Chat and Stand Out (and try it out at the next #SASchat session!).

Let’s connect

We look forward to chatting you to soon, either on a #SASchat session or in person at an upcoming SAS community forum.

Remember, we’re only a few clicks away if you want to reach out and become a digital ‘pen pal‘ :-)

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