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G’day Metacoda followers,

It’s the Metacoda koalas here!

You’ve probably seen us at a Metacoda stand, on social media, or mentioned at the end of a blog post… But we thought it was time to do our very own blog post so we can get to know each other a little better.

We’d like to start by telling you a bit about our two favourite things (besides eating gum leaves and sleeping, of course!).

Helping koalas

Our first favourite thing is helping our real koala friends.
In particular, we like to support the work of the Australian Koala Foundation (AKF), who are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year. They work really hard to protect koalas and their habitat, and they are even lobbying to introduce a Koala Protection Act similar to the Bald Eagle Act (enacted in the US in 1942).


And did you know that September is Save the Koala Month (#STKM2016)?

So what better time to get involved with AKF – you can visit their website to:

  • purchase merchandise
  • make a donation
  • plant a tree
  • adopt a koala (you can’t take it home with you, but you can take one of us home if you want!)

Alternatively, you can chat to our Metacoda humans, Michelle or Paul, about how to get involved. They are really big koala fans (just as we’re really big Metacoda fans)!

Which leads us to our other favourite thing…

Meeting SAS users and spreading the message about Metacoda

Our other ‘favourite thing’ is travelling the world meeting SAS users and spreading the message about Metacoda.

We’ll be setting off later this month with Metacoda, to sponsor and present at a few SAS events in the UK and Europe in September and October. We’ll be sharing how we can help keep your SAS platform secure in your security journey.

If you’re at any of the following events, make sure you visit the Metacoda stand and say hi and take one of us home as a clip-on mascot!
Here’s where you’ll find us:

SAS Forum UK on 27-28th September. Join the Twitter chatter at #SASForumUK

Metacoda Koalas SAS Forum 2016 UK Social

SAS Forum Nederland on 4th October. Join the Twitter chatter at #SFNL16

Metacoda Koalas SAS Forum 2016 Netherland Social

A seminar on EU data regulation hosted by Knowit on 6th October.

Metacoda Koalas Copenhagen Seminar Social

SAS Forum France on 10th October. Join the Twitter chatter at #SASFF2016

Metacoda Koalas SAS Forum 2016 France Social

SAS Forum BeLux on 13th October. Join the Twitter chatter at #SFBL16

Metacoda Koalas SAS Forum 2016 Belux Social

We look forward to meeting you in real life! Don’t forget to take one of us home as your very own Metacoda mascot and, if you can, get involved with helping to save the koalas.

It’s now time for a nap… see you soon! (Did you know we like to sleep between 18-22 hours each day? You can find out other koala facts here – we’re interesting as well as cute, you know!)

Metacoda Koalas

Metacoda koala

P.S. You can follow our adventures on our very own YouTube playlist and the Metacoda Koala Facebook album.

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