Find your ‘new possible’ with a social, analytical, and secure open mind at SUNZ!

Metacoda have recently returned from SAS Global Forum (SASGF), where we thoroughly embraced the theme of ‘Data Knows No Boundaries’. We’re now looking forward to Thursday 11th May 2017 when we’ll be sponsoring SAS Users New Zealand (SUNZ), and expanding on the boundless innovation of analytics with the theme ‘Open Minds’.

“Join the Band” at SUNZ Auckland

Last week, we were a proud and enthusiastic coffee cart sponsor at the Data Science Delight SUNZ Auckland event. Michelle Homes from Metacoda was next to the coffee cart chatting to the ~200 attendees offering Tim Tams and Metacoda koalas. Incidentally, the limited edition salted caramel flavored Tim Tam seemed to be the favorite. :-) […]

Data Science Delight at SUNZ!

Are you a SAS user in Auckland? Have you registered for the free SAS Users of New Zealand (SUNZ) Auckland event on the 19th August in Spark City? We hope that’s yes. If not, there’s still some time to register! Show us what’s possible With a jam-packed, data science delight agenda, and a

Metacoda – Social Media Sponsor of SUNZ 2015

If you follow, like, +1 or tweet Metacoda in social media you’ll know we’re supporters of SASĀ® software and provide add-ons to help organizations get even more out of their SAS software investment. We’ve been specializing in the area of SAS platform metadata since 2007 with a focus to maximize productivity through enhanced metadata visibility. […]