SASGF – A Security Journey and being a LifeLearner…

…of Storytelling, Dataviz, Technology, Leadership, Data for Good and Social SAS Global Forum (SASGF) was a blast! (And we have 600+ photos and plenty of tweets to show for it!) In fact, with the following features, how could it have been anything but mind-blowing? 5,400+ attendees 700+ presentations/posters/demos TED Talk-style keynote presentations perfect warm Spring […]

SAS Global Forum Metacoda Memories and Magic

As the clock ticks and the calendar flicks, SAS Global Forum 2017 gets closer and closer… You know that ticking sound. Maybe it’s like the one in Peter Pan where Captain Hook is haunted by Tick-Tock, the crocodile. Or perhaps it’s more like the sound of a clock striking the hour, as in Cinderella, with […]

SAS European Forum Recap – thanks!

You may recall that in our last blog post, the Metacoda koalas shared their excitement about an upcoming trip attending and sponsoring SAS events in Europe. Well, we’re pleased to report that the trip was a great success; the koalas had a wonderful adventure and we had a blast meeting up with our customers, partners, […]

Message from our Metacoda Koalas

G’day Metacoda followers, It’s the Metacoda koalas here! You’ve probably seen us at a Metacoda stand, on social media, or mentioned at the end of a blog post… But we thought it was time to do our very own blog post so we can get to know each other a little better. We’d like to […]

Be a SAS community ‘pen pal’

Years ago… in the world before internet, I had a pen pal who lived in England (it wasn’t Paul!). It was an exciting experience sharing stories over perfume-scented, floral stationery. While I had an assortment of fine stationery for different occasions, the extra special stationery was always spared for letters to my English friend. Our […]

“Join the Band” at SUNZ Auckland

Last week, we were a proud and enthusiastic coffee cart sponsor at the Data Science Delight SUNZ Auckland event. Michelle Homes from Metacoda was next to the coffee cart chatting to the ~200 attendees offering Tim Tams and Metacoda koalas. Incidentally, the limited edition salted caramel flavored Tim Tam seemed to be the favorite. :-) […]

Data Science Delight at SUNZ!

Are you a SAS user in Auckland? Have you registered for the free SAS Users of New Zealand (SUNZ) Auckland event on the 19th August in Spark City? We hope that’s yes. If not, there’s still some time to register! Show us what’s possible With a jam-packed, data science delight agenda, and a

Our 11 Takeaway Messages from SAS® Forum UK in London

Metacoda were excited to attend this year’s SAS Forum UK held in the Shard in London and we look forward to the next event in Manchester. It was a great opportunity to catch-up with our customers, partners and friends. We’d especially like to thank all those who took the time to talk to us and […]

Metacoda – Social Media Sponsor of SUNZ 2015

If you follow, like, +1 or tweet Metacoda in social media you’ll know we’re supporters of SAS® software and provide add-ons to help organizations get even more out of their SAS software investment. We’ve been specializing in the area of SAS platform metadata since 2007 with a focus to maximize productivity through enhanced metadata visibility. […]