Metacoda Security Plug-ins: a “must have”

At Metacoda, we enjoy helping organisations get the most out of their SAS® metadata. Our Metacoda Security Plug-ins provide a way for organisations to benefit from enhanced metadata visibility. Feedback from our customers and evaluators has significantly contributed to the evolution of our software over the last few years and we’d like to share with you some of their experiences, via case studies and testimonials. Here’s a small selection of comments we’ve received. You can also see a few more on the Metacoda company page on LinkedIn:

… Metacoda Plug-ins save a huge amount of time and effort in providing a clear, well presented view of SAS security metadata. It has become a tool that SAS technical support staff regularly use to resolve complex customer issues.Tony Dagger, Technical Support Manager, SAS Institute Australia.

… Ease of installation and great value licensing makes this a “must have” tool for SAS Platform Administrators.Bob Whitehead, Perth, Australia.

The Metacoda Security plug-in has been great for SAS metadata analysis. It saves time and allows several perspectives of analysis in rapid succession.Tony Blanch, Data Warehouse Manager, Newcastle University, Australia.

Metacoda’s SAS Management Console Plug-in should be a standard product for SAS platform administrators. By providing 360 degree vision of security on your platform from a single location, it is essential for any organisation with auditable or demonstrable security requirements.David Shannon, Technical Director, Amadeus Software, United Kingdom.

If you use SAS, the security plug-in adds great value and control. And it’s free to try out!Nils Erik Fossum, Operations Manager, Data Warehouse, Posten Norge AS, Norway.

If you’d like to find out more, the individual case studies are available for download from our Testimonials and Case Studies page.

To see how Metacoda Security Plug-ins can help you, as Nils suggests, request a 30-day free evaluation to try them out in your own SAS environment.

We’d also like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has kindly provided feedback, comments, recommendations and case studies. It’s great to hear how our software helps you in your work.

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