Metacoda Presentation from SAS Global Forum 2013

This is the rolling presentation we were playing at our Alliance Member stand in the demo hall at SAS Global Form 2013. It highlights our add-ons to SASĀ® Software, which include:

  • Metacoda Commutual: This is our web based application to help organizations search and collaborate on business and technical metadata within their SASĀ® platform installations. Some of the features include an activity stream, search, discussions, role-based access and metadata driven authentication and authorization; and
  • Metacoda Security Plug-ins: add-ons to the SAS Management Console which significantly improve the productivity of administrators when working with SAS metadata security implementations.

Metacoda SASGF 2013 Presentation on YouTube

If you’d like to find out more, please contact us and/or review the information we have on our website, You can also request a free 30 day evaluation of Metacoda Security Plug-ins.

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