Metadata: A life-sustaining liquid for the SAS Intelligence Platform

Michelle Homes, Business Development Manager at Metacoda, recently gave a presentation on metadata at the Western Australia SASĀ® User Group, WASUP.

SAS Intelligence Platform, the bodyBlood is an essential life-sustaining fluid that carries oxygen, nutrients and defences throughout the entire body. Without these crucial elements your body would not function at an optimum level. Michelle gave the analogy of metadata being a vital fluid for the SAS Intelligence Platform (the body). She described how SAS metadata is circulated from the SAS Metadata Server (the heart), providing universal access so that all users get consistent and accurate information. Her presentation described:

  • the vitality of metadata, starting in the SAS Metadata Server and flowing between SAS Intelligence Platform clients such as SAS Management Console, SAS Data Integration Studio and SAS Enterprise Guide
  • the ongoing management and maintenance of metadata using SAS Management Console, custom reports and third party software such as Metacoda Security Plug-ins
  • the importance of bringing business and technical metadata together and how it is possible with Metacoda Commutual

If you would like a copy of the presentation, a .pdf version is available for download.

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