September 2015

A Journey of Possibilities


Paul and I have just returned from an incredible journey to the SAS Institute Inc, SAS World Headquarters in Cary, North Carolina, USA.

Thank you so much to all the SAS employees and partners for your kindness and hospitality! It’s always a treat to be able to interact face-to-face with the global SAS community in different parts of the world.

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Taking Metacoda Innovation to Europe!

Metacoda Environment

What a global year we’re having at Metacoda!

Having already been part of SAS Global Forum in Dallas, SAS Forum Deutschland, SAS Forum UK and SAS Users of New Zealand, we’re heading back to Europe in October.

As Australians, we’re pleased to be making the most of our long journey by visiting three different SAS events in three beautiful countries:

  • Netherlands for the SAS Forum (as sponsor)
  • Denmark for the SAS Forum (as sponsor and presenter)
  • Norway to visit their user group, Foreningen av Norske SAS-brukere (FANS) (as presenter).

The aim of our trip is to meet SAS customers, to learn how the communities use SAS software, and to share our innovative latest version, Metacoda Plug-ins 5.0. The new version includes powerful new features and additional functionality, including the Metacoda Identity Sync Plug-in, and enhancements to our Metacoda Testing Framework, Metacoda Security Plug-ins and free Metacoda Utilities.

We’ve had some great feedback so far and look forward to talking in person with some of our northern European customers in October.

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Metacoda MeetUp

Metacoda MeetUp

The SAS® Partner Forum is nearly here! We’re heading off to SAS headquarters in Cary, NC for this event on the 23rd & 24th September. The forum is a great opportunity for SAS partners to learn about new strategies and offerings, and to participate in discussions with SAS and others in the partner community. We’re excited about using this knowledge to continue helping SAS customers and the user community.

While we are in Cary, we’d also like to take the opportunity to catch up with and thank our friends and supporters at a Metacoda Meetup after 5pm on Tuesday 22nd September at Rally Point Grill Sport Bar. Being from the other side of the world, we’re excited about catching up in person with online community friends and those we see once a year at SAS Global Forum. We hope you can make it for a casual snack and drink. Please let us know if you’ll be there.

Save The Koala Month

Wild Koala Visit - Tweet

If you’re a regular reader of our blog or tweets, you’ll probably already know we care about koalas. The Metacoda koalas travel the world with us and you can follow their adventures on YouTube. We’re also proud supporters of the Australian Koala Foundation (AKF), a charitable organization dedicated to protecting the koala and its natural habitat. With September being Save The Koala Month (#STKM2015) we’ll also have a donation box at the Metacoda MeetUp if you’d like to make a small donation. If you make a donation, you’ll go into a draw to adopt a koala for a year. You can also donate online at the AKF website – just let us know so we can include you in the draw.

We’ll randomly pick the adoptive parent at the end of Save The Koala Month, and the AKF will send you an adoption kit. Imagine adopting a cuddly koala!

See you soon!

We hope to see you soon. Be sure to let us know if you can make the Metacoda MeetUp (#MetacodaMeetUp).

Hooroo! ;-)

Metacoda Plug-ins 5.0 Now Available!


After a successful beta testing phase, we’re pleased to announce the availability of Metacoda Plug-ins 5.0 for use with SAS® Software versions 9.4, 9.3 and 9.2. Our beta testers provided some great feedback, including several examples of how it has improved their productivity. In one instance we were told that the new Metacoda Identity Sync Plug-in enabled Active Directory synchronization to be set up in less than an hour after having previously spent 3 days of coding and troubleshooting (with still more coding to do). Furthermore, the plug-in provided value-added features, beyond the code, such as a visual preview of the changes, support for large and heavily nested groups, tag-deletion, and an audit report of the changes made. At Metacoda we love to code, but we know that many busy SAS administrators don’t have time for it. This was one of the primary reasons we built this plug-in, so it’s great to hear how much coding time it has been saving already.

Other feedback we’ve received included Leslie, who said on he was “WOW”ed on LinkedIn, and Quentin who found the Metacoda Identity Sync Plug-in “worked like a charm”. Thanks to both Leslie and Quentin for publicly sharing their experiences on social media, and a big thank you to all our customers and beta testers in the lead up to our V5 release! We very much appreciate the time and feedback you provided.

Metacoda Plug-ins 5.0 includes some powerful new features and Read more