New Metacoda Affiliate: Overton Technologies

Metacoda is pleased to welcome Overton Technologies as an affiliate. Overton Technologies develop key information systems that help executives, managers, and employees get the right information to make better decisions. Overton Technologies implement SASĀ® Business Intelligence, Data Integration and data warehousing solutions to streamline business processes, drive growth and productivity, and provide measurable improvements to add value to any organization. Overton Technologies also provide SAS platform administration services (installation, system configuration and maintenance) of SAS environments and we look forward to offering their customers a way to improve their productivity through enhanced metadata visibility with Metacoda Plug-ins.

Metacoda Plug-ins can be used within the SAS Management Console to help platform administrators who need immediate feedback about their metadata security implementations. Metacoda software helps them to be more productive, follow best practices and generate necessary documentation for security reviews, audits, governance and compliance.

We’re excited about the new partnership and look forward to working with Overton Technologies in offering Metacoda software to their customers in the US as part of their services.

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