Know Your Onions* – Meet Up at #SASGF #TweetUp

SASGF 2016 TweetUp

Who’s excited about SAS Global Forum (SASGF) 2016 in Las Vegas in April?

We certainly are, and we’re already planning creative ways to make the Monday evening #SASGF #TweetUp event as fun and welcoming as possible.

So, what can you do to get the most out of the Forum?

1. Visit the Forum website

Find out all about the SAS Global Forum 2016 and the value in coming along. Check out the impressive array of speakers and consider the learning, sharing and networking benefits for your business. If you haven’t been before, I can assure you it’s an extremely worthwhile experience.

2. Read some networking tips

In a recent SAS Users blog post, “What’s your major?” Thoughts about networking at SAS Global Forum, John Amrhein highlights the importance of networking and offers tips for getting the most out of your SAS Global Forum experience. In his opinion, “face-to-face networking with like-minded professionals is one of the top reasons to attend SAS Global Forum”.

Another tip for networking at the Forum is to get involved before it even begins. If you would like to ask questions, share your ideas, or connect with others, the SAS Global Forum 2016 community group at is the perfect place to engage.

3. Don’t miss the 1920s-themed #SASGF #TweetUp

Metacoda is very excited to once again be co-hosting the #SASGF #TweetUp with Zencos on Monday 18 April after the Charity Event. The TweetUp is a fun way to kick off the forum and get into the networking groove. Don’t worry if you’re not a born socialiser; we’ll be there to help with introductions and to make sure everyone feels welcome!

So what is a TweetUp you ask? It’s an event for Twitter users (or tweeps) to engage using more than their usual 140 characters (the maximum length of a tweet), and to meet each other in person. We’d love everyone to join us, regardless of whether you’re a keen tweep or just starting out on your Twitter journey in which case, we’ll be happy to help you get going. To get you on your way (or as a refresher), check out these Twitter tips.

With Las Vegas’ history of glamour, gambling and gangsters, we’re also looking forward to a big bang of a time with a gangster theme. So come along in a roaring 1920s or gangster costume to earn yourself an extra ticket in the random draw prize. To get into the vibe, we’ve even been looking up 1920s slang phrases, which is where our title phrase ‘know your onions’ (meaning “know what’s going on”) comes from.

SASGF TweetUp 2016 gangster poster
  • What: #SASGF #TweetUp
  • When: 8pm, Monday 18 April 2016
  • Where: Artist Foyer, Venetian Hotel (3355 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, NV 89109)
  • Phone: +1 702 414 1000
  • Dress: Casual. Or for a bonus door prize raffle ticket (and a bit of fun), wear:
    • a previous SAS conference t-shirt
    • a shirt from where you’re from
    • a roaring 1920s or gangster costume
  • Refreshments: Light appetizers and a cash bar will be provided.
  • Who’s hosting:

For catering purposes, when you register for SAS Global Forum be sure to specify in the Optional Networking section that you’ll be coming along. See the screenshot below.

SASGF 2016 Registration Form Optional Networking

In the meantime, get into the swing of things by tweeting a picture of yourself with your inspired costume or some 1920s phrases from the list above. Use the #SASGF #TweetUp tags and we’ll add your tweet in the blog post below. Feel free to don a fedora and tweet a picture of yourself using the #RockAFedora hashtag. If you’re planning to come along, let us know and send us your Twitter handle so we can have a name tag ready for you.

Now that you ‘know your onions’, we can look forward to a ‘darb’ time in April!*

SASGF TweetUp 2016 group gangster poster


P.S. To get you in the spirit, check out the Western inspired tweets and photos in the lead up to last year’s #SASGF15 #TweetUp.

* According to 1920s slang phrases, ‘know your onions’ means ‘know what’s going on’ and ‘darb’ means ‘splendid’.

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