Metacoda Plug-ins 3.0 R4

We’ve just released an update to our Metacoda Plug-ins software (3.0 R4). Some of the changes in this new R4 release include:

    • A new Password Encoder utility that can be used to convert plain text passwords into SASĀ® pwencode format. This Password Encoder is a free-of-charge plug-in like the ACT Reviewer and Metacoda Explorer. Paul Homes recently wrote about the Password Encoder in a blog post.


    • A new Metacoda Server Id Viewer utility. It can used to visit all of the SAS environments for which a commercial license for Metacoda Plug-ins is required. The server id list can then be sent to Metacoda to be used in the preparation of a license file.


  • Metacoda Plug-ins software is now digitally signed. This means the software can be verified as originating from Metacoda and will help some customers who have policies or security software which prevent the installation of unsigned software.

We encourage all existing users of Metacoda Plug-ins 3.0 to upgrade to R4. This latest release can be downloaded when you log in from our support page. After logging in, you can also view the release notes to get more details on these changes.

If you’d like to find out more about Metacoda Plug-ins please contact us. You can also register to download the free plug-ins and even get a one month evaluation license to try out the rest of the plug-ins with your own SAS metadata.

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