Metacoda Custom Tasks

Metacoda Custom Tasks allow you to rapidly search for tables and columns registered in metadata via the Metadata Table Finder and Metadata Column Finder.

These are free plug-ins consisting of add-ons that can be installed into existing SAS® Enterprise Guide® and SAS® Add-In for Microsoft Office installations.


    Key features in the Metacoda Custom Tasks include:
    • Plug in to SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Add-in to Microsoft Office: access the Custom Tasks directly from these interfaces.
    • Search facility: enter a search term to look for tables with the Table Finder or columns with the Column Finder.
    • Full metadata search: as metadata is searched, rather than dictionary tables, tables and columns can be found in any metadata-defined library, even those which have not yet been assigned (so long as your effective metadata permissions allow you to find them).


    SAS Platform Administrators will find the Metacoda Custom Tasks useful to:
    • Search for tables registered in metadata.
    • Look for particular data and find out which SAS folders, libraries and tables they may be in.
    • Search for columns registered in metadata and determine which SAS folders, libraries and tables they are in.


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Metacoda Custom Tasks in SAS Enterprise Guide and the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office
Metacoda Custom Tasks (Metadata Column Finder)
Metacoda Custom Tasks (Metadata Table Finder)