Metacoda Survey about your SAS® Viya® plans

Don’t you just love finding that special tool that makes your life easier?

In the early 2000’s we found ourselves performing repetitive manual tasks to find metadata in our consulting work supporting SAS customers. We discovered there was a broad demand amongst other SAS platform administrators for improved access to metadata, and it would be mutually beneficial for the SAS community for us to become a SAS partner.

So in 2007, Metacoda was established as a SAS partner and we started work on developing Metacoda Plug-ins for the SAS 9 platform.

Since then, Metacoda has expanded around the world and we’ve continued to develop new software features to meet the needs of SAS customers. With the release of SAS Viya, we can see there are further opportunities to provide value-added tools on the SAS Viya platform. To assist us with our future product planning, please spend a few minutes to share your feedback, experiences and thoughts in a Metacoda Survey about your SAS Viya plans.

Many thanks in advance!

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19 replies on “Metacoda Survey about your SAS® Viya® plans”

We already run some Viya installations and plan to move whenever all our Solutions are available for Viya

We are about 50/50 between VIYA and 9.4, with 9.4 viewed as legacy. As soon as solutions are released in VIYA we move associated users to it.

I don’t believe we have any appetite for Viya at this time. SAS 9 is going to continue to always exist at our organization for Actuarial and Product/Sales, any reporting/dashboards/machine learning/AI is under development.

We are planning to set up SAS Viya for production in the early 2020. Awaiting that SAS transforms their Solutions to Viya in an easy way, hopefully.

I don’t yet see a need for Viya. We tend to do one-off research projects and it’s not clear to me that Viya would help a lot with that if we already have SAS and R.

In the long run, we will probably get Viya, as it does have some useful features. But right now I get the impression that not everything has been completely thought through.

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