Identity Synchronization Made Even Easier with Metacoda’s New Identity Sync Plug-in

SAS® Platform Administrators, are you looking for an easier way to bulk load identities into the SAS metadata repository from enterprise directories such as Microsoft’s Active Directory (AD) or LDAP? Do you also need a friendly interface to visualize, check and troubleshoot your metadata? Do you find you don’t have the time to learn how to write SAS code? The newest member of Metacoda Plug-ins; the Identity Sync Plug-in, is just what you need!

Based upon years of experience helping SAS Platform Administrators, this plug-in allows you to easily import, check and synchronize identity-related SAS metadata with enterprise directories without the need to edit SAS code.

User bulk load and identity synchronization simplified

An essential task for all SAS Platform Administrators is to bulk load users into the SAS metadata repository, assign their permissions and allocate them to groups. These ‘identities’ must then be checked or ‘synchronized’ against an enterprise directory such as AD, or LDAP on UNIX/Linux on a regular basis.

While crucial, this process requires you to modify SAS sample code and make use of the %MDU macros. However, not all SAS Platform Administrators have the skills to write SAS code. That’s why we’re preparing to release a new Identity Sync Plug-in within the upcoming Metacoda Plug-ins V5 release. With this plug-in you can easily handle user and group selections, and resolve issues with clashing names and deleted identities.

Identity synchronization without the need to code

Once installed into the SAS Management Console, the Identity Sync Plug-in allows you to easily point to the relevant Active Directory and SAS metadata repository and run the extraction routines to create the required canonical tables either interactively or in batch.

The plug-in provides a visual preview of relevant metadata changes, including: a list of all defined user groups, individual users, group memberships, login details, user contact information and locations, domains and exceptions. Once time-consuming, metadata changes can now easily be checked before being applied and exceptions can be edited via an easy point and click interface.

Metacoda Identity Sync - Groups Tab

Point and click metadata maintenance

With the new plug-in, you can now easily view metadata for each object using clear icons. Hover your mouse over relevant fields and helpful ‘tool-tips’ are shown to help you check and verify which attributes have been set and if they’ve been changed.

Metacoda Identity Sync - Users Tab With Difference ToolTip

Easy comparison and verification reporting

The Identity Sync Plug-in also allows you to easily set a list of exceptions before comparing your master and target libraries. You can safely run the validation and error reports and access them via the plug-in, and apply the changes when you are happy. This is the first Metacoda Plug-in which can update SAS metadata, providing an easier to use alternative to writing code with the proven SAS %MDU macros.

Metacoda Identity Sync - Validation Tab

Easy metadata extraction

Finally, the plug-in gives you an easy interface to extract a copy of the SAS identities, as specified by the standard %MDU macros, to an XML file, which can in turn be used as an identity source for synchronization with another SAS version or environment.

Metacoda Identity Sync Plug-in goes down a storm at SAS Global Forum

SASGF15 Metacoda StandAt SAS Global Forum 2015 last month, we demonstrated the new Identity Sync Plug-in on our stand. We were excited to receive a lot of very positive feedback on the new plug-in, both in person and over social media.

SASGF15 Metacoda Identity Sync Tweet
We’d love to hear your feedback on the plug-in, would it help you or your SAS Platform Administrator? Also, please let us know if you’d like to be a beta-tester.

About Metacoda

SAS® Silver Alliance member, Metacoda, was founded in 2007 by Paul and Michelle Homes to help SAS Software users and companies maintain a secure SAS platform. Metacoda’s plug-ins and add-ons allow SAS Platform Administrators to easily manage, review, audit, troubleshoot, document and test metadata security for their SAS environments. To find out more visit

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