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Here’s a selection of people’s recommendations about Metacoda Security Plug-Ins. You can also download a flyer summarizing our products together with customer testimonials.

  • 5258  SAS Admins – If you have not looked at Metacoda before, I highly recommend it. It has saved me immeasurable hours of work when preparing for audits, or planning to make changes to my security program! Charyn Faenza, Vice President and Manager, Corporate Business Intelligence Systems at F.N.B. Corporation
    5258 Using Metacoda Security Plug-ins gives us confidence that the enterprise data warehouse is secured to the standards set and expected, and enables us to quickly and easily audit our security at any time. Once you’ve used Metacoda Plug-ins you will never go back; it’s a must – have for every SAS administrator! Tammy de Zilva, Enterprise Data Warehouse Technical Lead and SAS administrator, Auto and General Insurance
    5258 Don’t you just love finding that special tool that makes your life easier? … good stuff is good stuff Mark Jordan, Technical Training Specialist, SAS Institute Inc
    5258 Metacoda software was immensely helpful and I was able to turn around information that could take months (depending on the size or complexity of the organisation) in just a couple of weeks. Miles Warburton, Consultant, OCS Consulting
    5258 I really like your metadata tools. As a SAS consultant I help my customers by developing metadata applications. My role is to develop applications for automated metadata updates, and for this I need many ways to explore metadata. The online search and view provided by Metacoda is a great solution for this. Tapio Kalmi, Principal Consultant, SAS Institute Oy
    5258  Metacoda Plug-ins save a huge amount of time and effort in providing a clear, well presented view of SAS security metadata. It has become a tool that SAS technical support staff regularly use to resolve complex customer issues. Tony Dagger, Technical Support Manager, SAS Institute Australia
    5258 The Metacoda set of plug-ins is worth it’s weight in gold if you have SAS deployment. We couldn’t have migrated our system without the plug-ins. Please keep building excellent tools. Wouter Germishuys, Analytics Operations Manager, Telstra
    5258  Metacoda Plug-ins helped us to overhaul and strengthen our complex security model extremely quickly due to the very visual interface, reducing our acceptance tests by half. The interface is easy to use and feature rich for exploring and exporting SAS metadata, allowing us to be more agile in business. Frank Boggasch, Head of Business Intelligence Reporting, DeutschlandCard GmbH
    5258 A powerful tool that should exist in every SAS administrators toolkit. Angelena Jasny, Senior Technical Specialist, SAS Institute Australia
  • 5258 If you are a SAS Administrator, you should without a doubt give Metacoda a try. You will be surprised by its broad functionality and the amount of time it will save you on a daily basis. Evgeny Rogozik, System Administrator Support Officer, Curtin University
    5258 Metacoda software helps lighten the administrative burden and provides diagnostic capabilities to eliminate gaps in security policy. Duncan Bain, Lead Data Scientist and SAS Administrator, ScottishPower Energy Retail
    5258 Dealing with Metacoda is always excellent and you are easily one of our best vendors when it comes to prompt responses and great support. Thanks to Michelle, Paul and the team for everything you have done and will do in the future! Patrick Casey, Director of Middleware Services and I&O Operational Security, ITS, UNC-Chapel Hill
    5258 We have been using Metacoda for several years at client sites and can testify that it is a great investment! It enables clients to implement good practices, to identify problems in minutes rather than hours/days, and to build a more “clean” metadata security model. Key features for us include being able to automatically generate documentation and having a metadata security testing framework that instantly identifies changes in the SAS metadata security model. Gregory Becquembois, SAS Expert, Decision Network
    5258  Metacoda’s SAS Management Console Plug-in should be a standard product for SAS platform administrators. By providing 360 degree vision of security on your platform from a single location, it is essential for any organisation with auditable or demonstrable security requirements. David Shannon, Technical Director, Amadeus Software
    5258  Great tool, real time-saver and neatly integrated within the SAS Management Console. Ronan Martorell, SAS BI Architect, Lincoln at Crédit Agricole
    5258 I wish all software companies had the customer engagement that Metacoda has. Their tools are excellent and is industrial strength. Keep on building awesome tools and we will buy them. :-) Wouter Germishuys, Analytics Operations Manager, Telstra
    5258  The Metacoda Plug-ins are an essential add-on to SAS Management Console. They provide a quick and easy way to drill into objects and user permissions. The Metacoda Metadata Security Testing Framework allows us to compare objects permissions between two SAS environments, which is particularly useful when upgrading SAS Software. I would recommend Metacoda Plug-ins to any organization that is looking at managing their SAS metadata security in a more efficient and easy-to-use way.
    Wisam Abdelaziz, Systems and Database Administration Manager, BioGrid Australia
    5258  After using the Metacoda Security Plug-ins for just a short while, I can tell it would be impossible to go back to living without them. They just make it all so easy! I absolutely LOVE the Security Plug-ins and Testing Framework.
    Jake Roman, SAS Administrator, Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education

5258  I have been an early adopter and a fan for the Metacoda Security Plug-ins. I am a believer of this tools efficacy and as well as its importance. In spite of just abstract write up, I would like to provide an example of the usefulness of this utility. As recently as last week, one of our large Fortune ranked client needed to fill in the gaps identified by its internal IT audit. The resource and effort this project warranted was a significant hurdle in terms of not only operations but an ongoing build out of the SAS environment. To the rescue, Metacoda. Not only this plug-in produced in minutes what the current setup and snap shot of the security model was but also provided additional reports that the company’s internal auditor appreciated but senior management approved budgetary resources to fill in the gaps, audit identified as well as those it did not foresee. To me this is one of the best example of this tools usefulness. Rafi Sheikh, SAS Administrator & CEO, Analytiks International

  • 5258  As a consultant at many organisations, I highly recommend the use of the Metacoda Security Plug-ins to aid in the timely resolution and reporting of all SAS security metadata issues. From auditing to troubleshooting, the tool dramatically reduces the time taken to provide solutions to sometimes difficult permissions based problems. Ease of installation and great value licensing makes this a “must have” tool for SAS Platform Administrators. Bob Whitehead, SAS Administrator, Finelink Nominees
    5258  Metacoda has proven to us that it is a very helpful tool that will provide security and authorization issues quick. It is not necessary to describe all authorizations and securities. We use Metacoda for that. It is easy to provide an overview with all authorizations en securities to other stakeholders such as the auditing department. And more important, it is an overview that is easy to understand. Metacoda makes “the security, authorization and administrating life” a lot more comfortable. Leon Jager, SAS Data Integration and SAS Platform Administrator, Ministerie van Economische Zaken
    5258  Metacoda Plug-ins provide a powerful set of features and functionality not available within SAS Management Console. Every major aspect of security can be analyzed and audited, giving the SAS platform administrator 100% confidence in their security model. I highly recommend for every SAS implementation. Stephen Overton, Founder & CEO, 6 Degree Intelligence
    5258 The Metacoda Security Plug-ins has been great for SAS metadata analysis. It saves time and allows several perspectives of analysis in rapid succession. Tony Blanch, Data Warehouse Manager - SAS BI, University of Newcastle
  • 5258  Statistics Canada, which has a very extensive collection of SAS servers and metadata environments, spent several months investigating the Metacoda Security Plug-ins, after learning about the product at SAS Global Forum. There was no doubt that Metacoda would be an excellent addition to our product suite; it provides enhanced information to the metadata administrators, and reduces the time spent managing servers. We acquired the product, and have been very pleased with it in production. Tom Kari, Independent SAS BI consultant, Tom Kari Consulting
    5258  Metacoda Security Plug-in: a must-have in every SAS (metadata) environment. Ralf Vaessen, Business Intelligence consultant, APG
    5258  If you use SAS, the Metacoda Security Plug-ins adds great value and control. And its free to try out! Nils Erik Fossum, Operations Manager Data Warehouse, Posten Norge AS
    5258  I’ve read the Metacoda Plug-ins user guide from cover to cover, and I’m impressed. Even non-SAS users like me can see the benefits! Cleve Killiby, Principal, Killiby Communication
    5258  It would be great if this was a SAS Management Console default plug-in – without it is like flying an aircraft with no instruments on a dark moonless night! As a passenger would you feel secure? Ivor Moan, Senior BI Systems Architect, Verivox GmbH


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