Public Types Explorer

The Public Types Explorer allows you to examine the metadata associated with well-known SAS® metadata object types (public types) available in the foundation metadata repository and see how the various metadata permissions apply to them.

Public Types Explorer is one of our free Metacoda Utility Plug-ins. It is used to find out information about the applicability of permissions for public types helping you to set up and maintain a secure SAS platform.


    Key features in the Public Types Explorer include:
    • Point-and-click interface: easy-to-use interface, clearly displaying applicable metadata permissions in a table.
    • Search facility: enter a search term to look for the permissions that can be applied to a specific public object type by name or description.
    • Sortable columns: sort by permission to see which public object types a particular permission can apply to.


    SAS Platform Administrators will find the Public Types Explorer useful to:
    • Search for permissions that can be applied to a particular public object type; for example a “Secured Folder”.
    • Search for all public object types to which a particular permission can be applied; for example the “Select” permission.


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Public Types Explorer