Metadata Explorer

The Metadata Explorer allows you to search, navigate and explore SAS® metadata without needing to rely on writing SAS code or having access to Display Manager.

The Metadata Explorer is one of our free Metacoda Utility Plug-ins. You can use it to rapidly run complex and multiple searches on your SAS metadata security implementations and view the results in great detail.


    Key features in the Metadata Explorer include:
    • Search facility: metadata objects are found by typing text in the search bar; by default it will look through all public types doing a case-insensitive ‘contains’ search of the Name attribute, limited to 2,000 objects. The options button can be used to further customize the search results; and multiple search can be added and removed as required.
    • Browsable and sortable table: search results are displayed in a table immediately below the search bar, showing the repository, type, path/name and description of each object. The table is easy to browse and can be sorted by each column.
    • Detailed results: clicking on an object allows its attributes, associations and associated objects to be examined. The Advanced Properties Dialog can also be used to explore a chain of associated objects.
    • Rapid response times: multiple simple and complex queries can be run with rapid results.


    SAS Platform Administrators will find the Metadata Explorer useful to:
    • Examine metadata if access to the METABROWSE tool built into Foundation SAS and accessed via the Display Manager, isn’t readily available.
    • Search metadata, using complex queries and multiple searches if necessary,  focusing on the results rather than how to do it. For example, search for all objects containing the phrase ‘region’.
    • Explore results in meticulous detail, looking at any object, all of it’s attributes and values, each of it’s associations and associated objects, following these down to associated objects at any level.


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Metacoda Utility Plug-ins: Metadata Explorer (Attributes Tab)
Metadata Explorer (Attributes Tab)
Metacoda Utility Plug-ins: Metadata Explorer (Associations Tab)
Metadata Explorer (Associations Tab)
Metacoda Utility Plug-ins: Metadata Explorer (Associated Objects Tab)
Metadata Explorer (Associated Objects Tab)
Metacoda Utility Plug-ins: Metadata Explorer (Advanced Properties Dialog)
Metadata Explorer (Advanced Properties Dialog)