Capability Reviewer

The Capability Reviewer provides comprehensive, whole-of-server views of capabilities in your SAS® metadata security implementations, and their relationship to roles, group and users.

The Capability Reviewer is included in our Metacoda Security Plug-ins software. It is used to easily review all capabilities in your metadata to find out the roles that provide these capabilities and the members they provide these capabilities to, including all of the multiple nested role/group membership and contribution paths.


    Key features in the Capability Reviewer include:
    • Capabilities table: displays a list of all application capabilities registered in metadata together with summary information and indicators for those capabilities. The table can be customized by hiding or showing columns, re-ordering or re-sizing columns, and sorting rows by any of the available columns. The filter bar allows you to quickly find a specific capability of interest.
    • Roles and members tab: shows all paths by which the selected capability is provided to groups, users and other roles. It displays the roles that provide the selected capability directly to their members, together with any roles that contribute the selected capability to other roles. It shows all groups and users, including nested memberships, that acquire the selected capability through membership of those roles.
    • Search facility: use filter bar to quickly find specific roles, groups or users of interest that participate in a capability access path.
    • HTML export: all of the information available in the Capability Reviewer can be easily exported in HTML format for documentation, audit and troubleshooting purposes.
    • Security Test XML export: export test specifications in Metacoda Security Test XML format for use in the Testing Framework. Regular testing can be scheduled to automatically detect deviations from this baseline and trigger email alerts.


    SAS Platform Administrators will find the Capability Reviewer useful to:
    • Determine which capabilities are being provided to which roles, groups and users and how those capabilities have been defined.
    • Find out how capabilities have been provided to user identities; taking into account factors such as implicit, direct and indirect membership of groups and roles.
    • Easily document the capabilities within a metadata security plan. Then regularly verify the current implementation against that plan, identifying any changes or concerns.


    The Capability Reviewer is available in our Metacoda Security Plug-ins Premium and Enterprise level packages. We offer three license package levels: Starter, Premium and Enterprise. Read our licensing page to find out which package is best for you.

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Metacoda Security Plug-ins: Capability Reviewer
Capability Reviewer