ACE Reviewer

The ACE Reviewer provides comprehensive, whole-of-server views of how Access Control Entries (ACEs or explicit permissions) are used in your SAS® metadata security implementation.

The ACE Reviewer is included in our Metacoda Security Plug-ins software. It is used to easily review all of the Access Control Entries in your metadata and find the objects they have been applied to, and the permissions they impart.


    Key features in the ACE Reviewer include:
    • ACEs table: displays a list of all ACEs present in metadata together with information about associated protected objects, participating user and group identities, and the explicit permissions granted or denied. Various columns provide details and indicators relating to object folder paths, identities, permissions and permission conditions. The table can be customized by hiding or showing columns, re-ordering or re-sizing columns, and sorting rows by any of the available columns. The filter bar allows you to quickly find a specific ACE protected object of interest.
    • Exclusions: a customizable exclusion list allows you to hide ACEs on objects in specific folder locations or under specific folder branches. The exclusion list contains an initial set of folder locations, such as private user folders, where SAS applications automatically manage ACEs. By excluding these ACEs you can focus on administrator-managed ACEs instead.
    • HTML export: all of the information available in the ACE Reviewer can be easily exported in HTML format for documentation, audit and troubleshooting purposes.


    SAS Platform Administrators will find the ACE Reviewer useful to:
    • Switch to a more manageable ACT-based SAS metadata security model by locating previously applied ACEs, helping to remove or replace them.
    • Find Visual Analytics row-level security permission conditions that have been applied in SAS metadata.
    • Find OLAP member-level security permission conditions that have been applied in SAS metadata.
    • Ensure that ACEs refer only to groups by identifying and eradicating ACEs that are applied for individual users.
    • Easily document the ACEs within a  metadata security plan. Then regularly verify the current implementation against that plan, identifying any changes or concerns.


    The ACE Reviewer is available in our Metacoda Security Plug-ins Premium and Enterprise level packages. We offer three license package levels: Starter, Premium and Enterprise. Read our licensing page to find out which package is best for you.

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