About Metacoda

Metacoda is a SAS® Silver Alliance member that specialises in the development of software add-ons to help organizations get even more out of their SAS software investment. We focus on maximizing productivity through enhanced visibility of SAS platform metadata.

Metacoda Plug-ins

Metacoda Plug-ins are components that can be installed into the SAS Management Console to provide additional functionality to SAS platform administrators and developers.

Our Security Plug-ins provide enhanced visibility of SAS metadata security implementations, in whole-of-server views, to significantly improve the productivity of administrators in their management of SAS metadata security. The software allows them to rapidly review and troubleshoot metadata security by providing fast and thorough answers to questions.  The plug-ins are also beneficial in the ongoing governance and auditing requirements for organizations.

Metacoda Plug-ins 4.0 viewed in SAS® Management Console 9.4 Plug-ins Tab

Metacoda Plug-ins 4.0 is available for use with SAS software versions 9.4, 9.3 and 9.2. The ACT Reviewer, Metadata Explorer, Password Encoder and Public Types Explorer plug-ins are available free-of-charge to registered users, and one month evaluation licenses are available for the other Metacoda Security Plug-ins. For those who have an older SAS 9.1.3 SP4 installation, Metacoda Security Plug-ins 1.0 is still available.

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Metacoda Custom Tasks

Metacoda Custom Tasks include a Metadata Table Finder and a Metadata Column Finder. These custom tasks can be added to existing SAS Enterprise Guide® and SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office installations to help users locate the data (tables and columns) they need.

Metacoda Custom Tasks in SAS Enterprise Guide and the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office

The Metadata Table Finder and Metadata Column Finder are being provided free-of-charge to registered users.

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