System Requirements


A Metacoda Software License File is required to fully enable Metacoda Plug-ins. This license file is sent via email to Metacoda customers when they purchase a commercial license (or apply for an evaluation license) and after each annual renewal of the license.

The Metacoda Utility Plug-ins are available at no cost to registered users. In the absence of a license file these plug-ins are fully enabled.


Metacoda Plug-ins are designed to run within the SAS Management Console and must be installed on a workstation that already has SAS Management Console software installed.

There are two major versions of Metacoda Plug-ins available for the two major SAS software versions used by our customers. The following table outlines which version of Metacoda Plug-ins can be used with which SAS software version.

SAS 9.4 SAS 9.3 SAS 9.2
Metacoda Plug-ins 6.0
Metacoda Plug-ins 5.0

The latest version of Metacoda Plug-ins is 6.0 and is available for use with SAS 9.4, SAS 9.3 and SAS 9.2. The previous Metacoda Plug-ins 5.0 has been replaced by version 6.0.

The following table summarizes the components provided by each version of the Metacoda Plug-ins together with their compatible SAS software version.

(SAS 9.4, 9.3 & 9.2)
(SAS 9.4, 9.3 & 9.2)
ACT Reviewer
ACE Reviewer
User Reviewer
Group Reviewer
Role Reviewer
Capability Reviewer
Protected Object Reviewer
Login Reviewer
Internal Login Reviewer
Identity Permissions Explorer
Object Permissions Explorer
Permissions Tracer
Metadata Explorer
Public Types Explorer
Testing Framework
Identity Sync


Metacoda Plug-ins are supported on any operating system where the SAS Management Console can be installed.


Metacoda Plug-ins are currently available for English language platforms. Please contact us if you need Metacoda Plug-ins for any other languages.


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