SAS Communities - SAS Bowl IV - behind the scenes

A tasty SUGA concoction of eggs Florentine, Docker, Tandoori, HaaS and koalas!

SAS Bowl IV - SUGA Bowl

I’ve always loved a good trivia quiz – the friendly competition, adrenalin and camaraderie – so it’s no surprise that I’m a big fan of the monthly SAS Bowl trivia events launched in August.

Thanks to the SAS Communities management team for providing such uplifting events in a year when we need all the connection and positivity we can get. In particular, thanks to SAS Bowl champion, Joe Furbee, who had the vision for the events after playing an internal trivia game at SAS.

Despite usually being at odd hours for me down here in the southern hemisphere, I haven’t missed a SAS Bowls trivia event (and certainly don’t plan to!).

For me it’s a great way to connect with our SAS community, take an uplifting break from the everyday, and have a laugh. Not to mention the opportunity to learn new things and win cool SAS Communities swag.
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SUGA Live On-Demand

A notable November for SAS fans and administrators

Whatever way you look at it, 2020 has certainly been a challenging and notable year, and November will no doubt be a particularly notable month for many. As we move towards the end of the year, we hope the coming year is a better one for us all.

We note there are several SAS events in November that may be of interest to SAS fans and administrators:

SAS Global Forum Executive Connection
  • 5th November 2pm CET – Der Business Analytics Club für SAS User – The online SAS Club is a data science, machine learning and SAS programming information forum and discussion platform for SAS users in Austria and the DACH region. Registration required.
  • 10th November 11am ET – SAS Global Forum – Executive Connection – Part three of the SASGF executive leadership series to help reimagine what the future may hold. A virtual event, aimed at helping business leaders make crucial decisions along the road to recovery. Registration required.
  • 10th November 2pm ET – Aptly named SUGA Bowl, the fourth SAS Bowl will be a fun-filled, admin-themed trivia event for SAS User Group for Administrators (SUGA). As a SAS Bowl fan, Michelle Homes is super excited to be co-hosting the event and is looking forward to seeing plenty of friendly competition for cool SAS swag. No need to register – go to the SAS Communities page: SAS Bowl IV, The SUGA Bowl to get the pre-game info and link to join on game day.
  • 12th November all day GMT – SAS Forum UK and Ireland 2020 is the largest online gathering of SAS professionals and analytics experts in the UK & Ireland. Explore the virtual event, join the many sessions, network with your peers, and enjoy the immersive online event experience. Registration required.

  • SAS Nordic Forum
  • 17th November all day CET – SAS Forum Nordics 2020 is a virtual event featuring industry-focused sessions for healthcare, government, banking, insurance, manufacturing and retail, as well as user sessions focused on Visuals; Programming; What’s New & Demos; and AI, Cloud and New Tech. Registration required.
  • 19th November all day CET – SAS Learning Conference is the virtual place to be if you’re interested in reporting or visualization. One full day with three streams and twelve workshops for the SAS 9.4 and SAS Viya platforms. Registration and payment required.
  • 23-25th November 3 days CET – Beyond Tomorrow – SAS CEMEA virtual event for 3 days. Day 1 – Data Science Day, Day 2 – Industry Talks, Day 3 – Executive Experience Day. Registration required and Day 3 is by invitation.
  • 26th November 9am CET – SAS FANS Denmark Platform Netværksmøde meeting for SAS administrators to learn about SAS Environment Manager, DI Studio jobs, SAS Viya 4 and SAS customer experiences. Iain Adamson from ScottishPower and Michelle Homes from Metacoda will be presenting “From cottage industry to critical system! How Metacoda software enables productivity as your SAS platform becomes business critical”

Also noteworthy, is the first edition of SUGA Download – a SAS administration and architect’s newsletter from SAS – due out early November. If you’ve interacted with the SUGA community, attended SUGA Live or watched a SUGA webinar, you should be on the mailing list for the first edition. Otherwise, you can subscribe to the newsletter at the SAS e-newsletters page, after the first edition is released.
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SUGA Live - 6 minute Metacoda video

Keeping your SAS platform secure!

SAS platform security is essential in our data-driven world.

Do you regularly monitor and test your SAS security model? With ongoing changes – such as increased adoption, department movement, and organization re-structure – how do you ensure your SAS platform stays secure and people only have access to the data assets they’re supposed to?

Read on for more information about how Metacoda products can help maintain SAS platform security.

SUGA Update

Did you make it to the recent SUGA Live virtual event? If not, you can view the on-demand webinar, slides and Q&A at SUGA in SAS Support Communities.

There you’ll find:
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Australian Koala Foundation - Save The Koala Month

Don’t miss these SAS events in September (and the chance to help #SaveTheKoala)

Metacoda SUGA Live

Metacoda customers, partners and staff know very well the many benefits that Metacoda Plug-ins software can bring to an organization.

But there’s still nothing quite like the buzz of introducing Metacoda Plug-ins software to someone for the first time, and hearing feedback like this:

“The plug-ins are cool!! They easily help to identify all the metadata and permission information. We are still exploring all the other features available.”

If you know someone who would benefit from using Metacoda Plug-ins software, please tell them about our 30-day free evaluation.

#SaveTheKoala Month

Koala eating at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

It’s no secret that we love koalas here at Metacoda.

If you do too, now’s the perfect time to get involved because September is Save The Koala Month.

Visit the Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) website for creative tips about:

  • Fundraising ideas
  • How to be a koala hero
  • Koala-inspired arts and crafts
  • Yummy koala-themed baking!

If you’d like to learn more about the plight of the koala, this article from AKF CEO Deborah Tabat provides a heartfelt account of current events in the world and the critical need to protect koala habitat.

#SaveTheKoala #STKM!

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Metacoda SUGA Live

Tune in to SUGA Live on 23 September

SysAdminDay SAS tweet

We have many things on our minds at the moment, so in case you missed it, System Administrator Appreciation Day was on Friday 31st July.

It’s never too late to show some appreciation to your Sys Admin (and to your SAS Admin since we like to also celebrate SASAdminDay).

If you take a look at these #SysAdminDay tweets you’ll find a common thread… that the System Administrator is crucial in keeping organizations functioning (especially when we’re working from home)… just as the SAS Administrator is crucial in keeping our SAS analytics platforms operational.

Shelley Sessoms, SAS Community Manager for the SAS User Group for Administrators (SUGA), used SysAdminDay as an opportunity to launch a special SUGA Live event on September 23 (noon – 4pm ET).
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Metacoda SysAdminDay 2020

Recognizing your SAS Admin on #SysAdminDay!

Got plans for Friday 31 July?

SysAdminDay cake

How about recognizing System Administrator Appreciation Day (#SysAdmin Day), which is held annually on 31 July (this will be the 21st year!).

But what exactly is SysAdmin Day you ask? Well, according to the slightly tongue-in-cheek explanation at, SysAdmin Day is…

“only the single greatest 24 hours on the planet… and pretty much the most important holiday of the year. It’s also the perfect opportunity to pay tribute to the men and women who, come rain or shine, prevent disasters, keep IT secure and put out tech fires left and right.”

Happy SASAdminDay

If you’re like us, you’re probably thinking ‘what a great opportunity to also appreciate our SAS Admins and the often unrecognised work they do to keep our SAS platforms operating to perfection’.
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#SASGF virtual conference on demand

Strength in numbers and keeping in touch 🐨

Michelle and the Metacoda Koalas waiting for virtual SASGF to start at 1am

A lot has certainly changed since our March newsletter!

On a positive note, we’ve seen ‘strength in numbers’ as people have come together to meet collective challenges. We’ve also witnessed a new respect for the ‘strength in numbers’ as the eyes of the world have turned towards data and analytics for answers and direction.

As an analytics leader, SAS® gives customers The Power to Know®, and to make a difference. The SAS COVID-19 Data Analytics Resource Hub, for instance, is using 40+ years of SAS strength to help businesses navigate current challenges.

Thankfully, many of the gaps left by cancelled or postponed events have been filled by creative online alternatives: free training, #SASVirtualFriday (including The Never Normal), SAS Forum Digital #sasf20 (a virtual event replacing SAS Forum Germany, Austria and Switzerland), Ask The Expert webinars, SAS Nordic Hotline and many more.

As we mentioned in our earlier blog post, we were very excited about attending SAS Global Forum in Washington and were amazed to see how the SAS Global Forum team transformed the event into an inspiring three-part virtual experience including:

  • Free sessions available on the SAS Users YouTube channel
  • An on-demand Executive Connection
  • A virtual event with a wide array of sessions and topics delivered in an Auditorium, Lounge and virtual Quad (exhibit hall) with technology booths.

So – while we may not be able to actually touch – we’re grateful to have been able to keep in touch in this physically distanced world.

We look even more forward to catching up in-person in 2021… until then, be sure to say g’day on your preferred social channel!

Big virtual koala hugs,
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Michelle Homes videotag SASGF

Tag, you’re it! Learn about the Infinite Game at #SASGF.

Oliver Schabenberger videotag SASGF

In the lead up to the virtual SAS Global Forum (SASGF) 2020 event on June 16, SAS CTO/COO, Oliver Schabenberger shared on LinkedIn one of the books on his top reading recommendations earlier this year is The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek and that he has the privilege in speaking with the inspiring author and optimist in a conversation on June 16. As part of the lead up to the event, he then commences a #videotag game asking David Macdonald, SAS Chief Sales Officer what inspires him.
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Metacoda Nordic SAS Forums collage

Impacting people, communities and our planet…

This month we reflect on the fact that in a non-COVID-19 world, we would have been sponsoring and experiencing the Nordic SAS Forums in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark during May.

Of course, we’d hoped that these SAS community events could be held later in 2020 (as originally announced), but we’ve recently learned that all SAS face-to-face events will now understandably be delayed until March 2021.

This year, we’ll really miss catching up with our wonderful Nordic friends – and travelling to this beautiful part of the world, – however we’re excited that the SAS Nordic User Group Managers will still be offering plenty of great virtual events.
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Staying in Brisbane during March 2020 #metacodaNotInDC

Koala-ity cuddles

Hello human friends,

It’s the Metacoda koalas here wanting to share some caring koala-ity news with you…

Firstly, we hope you are all safe and well during this tough time.

While we miss travelling, we feel extremely fortunate that Metacoda is easily able to work remotely, that we can still get outside for a morning run, and that we have the technology to stay in touch with our friends and family around the world.

Two of the many things we miss, from our koala perspective, are a) good news and b) nature, so we thought we’d bring you a bit of both in this message…

Anwen koala with burns

Although it seems like forever ago, it’s just five months since huge bushfires devastated lives, livelihoods, homes, bushland and wildlife in many parts of Australia. As you may have seen on the global news, our koala friends suffered terribly.
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