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Australian Koala Foundation - Save The Koala Month

Don’t miss these SAS events in September (and the chance to help #SaveTheKoala)

Metacoda SUGA Live

Metacoda customers, partners and staff know very well the many benefits that Metacoda Plug-ins software can bring to an organization.

But there’s still nothing quite like the buzz of introducing Metacoda Plug-ins software to someone for the first time, and hearing feedback like this:

“The plug-ins are cool!! They easily help to identify all the metadata and permission information. We are still exploring all the other features available.”

If you know someone who would benefit from using Metacoda Plug-ins software, please tell them about our 30-day free evaluation.

#SaveTheKoala Month

Koala eating at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

It’s no secret that we love koalas here at Metacoda.

If you do too, now’s the perfect time to get involved because September is Save The Koala Month.

Visit the Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) website for creative tips about:

  • Fundraising ideas
  • How to be a koala hero
  • Koala-inspired arts and crafts
  • Yummy koala-themed baking!

If you’d like to learn more about the plight of the koala, this article from AKF CEO Deborah Tabat provides a heartfelt account of current events in the world and the critical need to protect koala habitat.

#SaveTheKoala #STKM!

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Message from our Metacoda Koalas

Metacoda Blog Save the Koala Banner

G’day Metacoda followers,

It’s the Metacoda koalas here!

You’ve probably seen us at a Metacoda stand, on social media, or mentioned at the end of a blog post… But we thought it was time to do our very own blog post so we can get to know each other a little better.

We’d like to start by telling you a bit about our two favourite things (besides eating gum leaves and sleeping, of course!).

Helping koalas

Our first favourite thing is helping our real koala friends.
In particular, we like to support the work of the Australian Koala Foundation (AKF), who are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year. They work really hard to protect koalas and their habitat, and they are even lobbying to introduce a Koala Protection Act similar to the Bald Eagle Act (enacted in the US in 1942).


And did you know that September is Save the Koala Month (#STKM2016)?

So what better time to get involved with AKF – you can visit their website to:

  • purchase merchandise
  • make a donation
  • plant a tree
  • adopt a koala (you can’t take it home with you, but you can take one of us home if you want!)

Alternatively, you can chat to our Metacoda humans, Michelle or Paul, about how to get involved. They are really big koala fans (just as we’re really big Metacoda fans)!

Which leads us to our other favourite thing…

Meeting SAS users and spreading the message about Metacoda

Our other ‘favourite thing’ is travelling the world meeting SAS users and spreading the message about Metacoda.

We’ll be setting off later this month with Metacoda, to sponsor and present at a few SAS events in the UK and Europe in September and October. We’ll be sharing Read more

Helping SAS Customers Get More Value From Metadata

In a recent video interview by SAS® Institute, Michelle Homes from Metacoda spoke about our unique partnership, including how we help organisations get extra value out of their SAS software.

She also talks about the growth of SAS user communities, such as QUEST, and how SAS Visual Analytics is a revolutionary product that delivers fast insight and intuitive richness – likening the software to a quote by John Tukey “The greatest value of a picture is when it forces us to notice what we never expected to see.”

SAS Partner Video featuring Metacoda

To find out more about Metacoda, and to learn about our add-ons to SAS Software, visit us in Washington, DC, in March at the SAS Global Forum 2014 SAS Alliance Member area. You’ll also get to take home a Metacoda koala.

Metacoda Presentation from SAS Global Forum 2013

This is the rolling presentation we were playing at our Alliance Member stand in the demo hall at SAS Global Form 2013. It highlights our add-ons to SAS® Software, which include:

  • Metacoda Commutual: This is our web based application to help organizations search and collaborate on business and technical metadata within their SAS® platform installations. Some of the features include an activity stream, search, discussions, role-based access and metadata driven authentication and authorization; and
  • Metacoda Security Plug-ins: add-ons to the SAS Management Console which significantly improve the productivity of administrators when working with SAS metadata security implementations.
Metacoda SASGF 2013 Presentation on YouTube

If you’d like to find out more, please contact us and/or review the information we have on our website, You can also request a free 30 day evaluation of Metacoda Security Plug-ins.

Metacoda Commutual Demo (Video)

At SAS Global Forum 2013 we were demoing Metacoda Commutual. This is our web based application to help organizations search and collaborate on business and technical metadata within their SAS® platform installations. This is short video that shows some of the features including activity stream, search, discussions, role-based access and metadata driven authentication and authorization.

Metacoda Commutual YouTube video

We’re planning on releasing Metacoda Commutual later this year and we’ll be looking for early adopters and/or beta testers soon, so please contact us if you’re interested.

Metacoda at SAS Global Forum 2013

SAS Alliance Member sponsor

We enjoyed being a sponsor at SAS® Global Forum 2013 and having the opportunity to connect with our customers, friends and other SAS users from around the world. Thanks to everyone who dropped by our Metacoda stand to see how we can help organisations get more out of their SAS metadata.

The Metacoda koalas seemed to be popular again. They certainly enjoyed being at SAS Global Forum and posted some photos on our Facebook page. If you have any snapshots of the Metacoda koalas in your office, please send us a photo so we can add it to our Metacoda Koala album on Facebook.

Metacoda Commutual

If you didn’t get to see us at SASGF13, or would like a refresher on what you did see, we have uploaded some presentations to YouTube. These include information and demonstrations for Metacoda Plug-ins and Metacoda Commutual. We’re excited about releasing Metacoda Commutual later in the year, so please let us know if you’re interested in becoming an early adopter and/or beta tester.

Our Metacoda Plug-ins currently support SAS 9.3, SAS 9.2 and SAS 9.1.3 platforms and we’re working towards support for SAS 9.4 and SAS Visual Analytics installations. If you’d like to try out the software with your own metadata, you can request a free 30 day evaluation.

To quote one of our customers “…Metacoda Plug-ins save a huge amount of time and effort in providing a clear, well presented view of SAS security metadata. It has become a tool that SAS technical support staff regularly use to resolve complex customer issues.” Tony Dagger, Technical Support Manager, SAS Institute Australia. You can also read SAS Australia’s press release about it.

We look forward to seeing you again next year at SAS Global Forum 2014 in Washington, DC, and in the meantime please feel free to contact us. We’d love to hear from you.