Our Founders

  • Michelle Homes

    Michelle Homes
    Founder and Business Development Manager

    Following studies in statistics, mathematics and programming, I began my career as a technical consultant at SAS Institute Australia, and it’s been an interest in SAS software ever since.

    I’ve worked across a range of organizations and, while I’ve always loved the technical side of things, as a ‘people person’ I’ve also discovered a passion and aptitude for training, business development and management.

    Founding Metacoda gave me the opportunity to bring all my skills together from the hands-on technical, through to business and customer management, as well as creativity and innovation.

  • Paul Homes

    Paul Homes
    Founder and Developer

    SAS has always been a part of my career since I began working with SAS software in the UK in the late 1980s. I’ve worked in technical roles including consulting, software development, pre-sales, support and training, and as a Java and J2EE developer.

    Founding Metacoda in 2007 was a natural culmination of all the skills and experiences I’ve acquired along the way. The software add-ons and plug-ins that we create are simply all tools that I wish I’d had when I was working as a SAS administrator.

    At Metacoda I continue to mainly focus on software development, however, there’s still plenty of opportunity for customer interaction to keep me in touch with what SAS administrators really need.

  • We’re continuously grateful to our supporters around the world and revel in meeting them in person at SAS events such as the SAS Global Forum each year. (It’s hard to contain our Metacoda Koalas excitement too!) We also enjoy being active members in the SAS community and overcome geographical challenges with our enthusiasm for technology and social media. So if you haven’t already, connect with us!

    We love receiving your feedback and suggestions, so keep it up on TwitterLinkedInFacebookBlog or privately. We believe we’re here to best support your needs so please share your thoughts.

    Until our next encounter online or when we meet in person…